Nindies Showcase Video Presentation Coming August 30th At 10 a.m. PT

A new Nindies Showcase, highlighting multiple indie games coming to Nintendo Switch, is coming on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 10 a.m. PT. Watch the video live by visiting

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  1. Fantastic news – the last Nindies direct which happened the day before the Switch’s release was full of very welcome surprises so hopefully this means Nintendo have a few more up their sleeves – plus perhaps updates on the likes of The Escapists 2, Stardew Valley and Rocket League (if we can really call that indie!)

    1. Believe me, you’re not :( I wanna just hear about what the virtual console will be like… crossing my fingers for Gamecube games more than anything

    2. It’s funny because people right now are wanting AAA titles on the switch, yet at the same time complaining about how awful AAA titles have become.

      So why want terrible games to come to the Switch?

      1. Only switch is getting a crap ton of games. It’s practically getting a huge game every month at this point, if not more. And so far all the ones that have come out have sold spectacularly and been well received. Skyrim and RL are coming soon and so is Mario + Rabbids. That builder game was also announced as well, which apparently is a huge hit game loved by the fans.

      2. Looking at the majority of AAA games though, how many are good and how many are CoD, Battlefield, Destiny (and we know how that went), or other shooters/sports games. And how many have been critically panned be critics and/or gamers? ME: A being a perfect example. AAA =/= good. And as time goes on, more people are finding that out.

    3. Meh it’s true, but at least the indie games are good! I only own 5 physical games for Switch and like 10 DL games… GameCube games I doubt will come :( and a full VC? I doubt that too as those NES and SNES minis are around… Really want more info on that HOLLOW… :)

    4. This is making me think that I’m the only one who’s actually excited for more indie games on the Switch. I’ve been holding off on Stardew Valley in order to play it on Switch.

  2. Here’s hoping there’s some info about Pocket Rumble in this direct. I was really excited about that game when it got announced but it missed its March launch window and kinda fell off the deep end. I could easily buy it on PC but I’d rather have it with me on the go, so I’m still holding out.

  3. I know it probably won’t happen, but I’d love for them to announced another Nindie Humble Bundle but for switch games this time round.

  4. If the majority of those so called 100 games on Switch are mostly indie, no wonder I have so very few games to look forward to on Switch since a good 99% of indies don’t really interest me.

    1. Besides, if I want mostly indie games, I’ll just buy myself a bloody Steambox!

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