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Japan: Fire Emblem Echoes Is Getting A 5-Disc Soundtrack In October

Japanese gamers often get the best things and this new item is no exception. A Fire Emblem Echoes 5 disc soundtrack which is roughly five hours of music will be released in the land of the rising sun, October 25th. The pack includes music from both the original Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes, and will be available for 5,300 Yen. Siliconera says that four of the five discs are for music while one is for data with MP3 and an HD movie of the game’s opening. The game also comes with five original poster cards, a set of original stickers, a promo card for Fire Emblem 0, and a special box.





      1. Terry Bogard? Or else it probably was something Ranma/Kenshiro/Phoenix Wright/Monster Hunter/Fire Emblem.

        WordPress is horrible at notifications sometimes.


  1. Brutiful. The music in Echoes were more than just spot on. It was “nydelig” as we would put it in Norwegian. We got a soundtrack with the Collecters Edition of the game at least.


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