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You Can Now Request Your Miiverse Post History

Miiverse is closing later this year and it has had a good run with plenty of players experiencing Nintendo’s own social network. News has emerged today that you can now request your Miiverse post history. To do this you will need to have a Nintendo account. To retrieve your post history all you need to do is click the link here, Check out the full details, below:

Post History Download Information
You can request a file containing your post history. This request must be made before the Miiverse service ends by selecting “Request Post History” below. After the Miiverse service ends, you will be sent an email containing a link via which you can download your post history.

In order to submit a request to receive your downloadable post history, a Nintendo Account must be linked with the Nintendo Network ID you use to access Miiverse.

You can submit a request using the button at the bottom of this page.

Post History Content
If you request your post history through this service, you will be able to download a file containing the following content after the Miiverse service has ended:

– All of your posts (including hand-drawn images and screenshots)
This does not include comments made on posts or messages sent between you and your friends.
This does not include posts which you have deleted or which were found to be in violation of the Miiverse Code of Conduct.

– All images in your Screenshot Album

Important Information
Please review the following important information related to the use of this service.

– The Nintendo Account Agreement applies to your use of this service.
– After the Miiverse service has ended, an email which includes a link to download your post history will be sent to the email address registered to your Nintendo Account. Please note that this email will not be sent to the email address registered to your Nintendo Network ID.
– It may take a few weeks after the Miiverse service has ended for you to receive the email containing the link via which you can download your post history.
– Some posts or screenshots may not be included in your downloadable post history due to their status at the time the Miiverse service ends. Please be sure to save any important posts and screenshots via your browser before the end of the service.
– Please note that you might not receive the email containing the link via which you can download your post history if you change or remove the link between your Nintendo Network ID and your Nintendo Account after submitting the request.
– A PC is needed to download or view your post history. A smart device cannot be used.
– Your downloadable post history will be contained in a .ZIP file. You will need to open the file on a PC in order to view its contents.
– Please be aware that your post history request may be declined by an administrator if you violate the Miiverse Code of Conduct after submitting the request.



7 thoughts on “You Can Now Request Your Miiverse Post History”

  1. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch.}

    Before this sucker shuts down, I’m just gonna give out my PlayStation account or Discord account to the people I hang out with on Miiverse so we can hook up somewhere else online for WWE discussions. Besides, what they gonna do to me? Permaban me from Miiverse!? s/ Oh no! Please don’t permaban me from the thing that is being shut down in the next few days! What will I ever do with my life!? /s lol I might just say screw it & have my last post ever be “FUCK YOU, MIIVERSE ADMINS!!!” lol

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