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Nintendo Further Discussed Certain Future Nintendo Switch Games Needing MicroSD Cards

You may recall the news from earlier today where Nintendo confirmed that they will be partnering with Western Digital for specially-branded Switch microSD cards. Well, one thing that caught some attention in the press release was that “a microSD card will be needed for certain Nintendo Switch games that contain an especially large amount of content and require additional storage for players to enjoy the full experience”. NBA 2K18 has already been confirmed for this requirement, and the game’s  updated box art has revealed that the requirement will be relayed to potential buyers on the box art itself. Digital players will be able to see “standard information noting how large the game is”. Nintendo explained to IGN why they are making this move:

Some Nintendo Switch games will require consumers to purchase an additional microSD memory card to play them. Our expanded storage solution offers flexibility for those who need it to play these games. People can choose exactly how much additional storage space they want to buy, depending on the number and type of games they play, and the amount of content they plan to download,

However, even if you don’t have a microSD card, Nintendo has stated that you will still be able to play a portion of the game “right out of the box”. The full game experience and content is what will require a microSD. Here’s what they had to say:

If you purchase a physical version of a game that requires an additional microSD memory card, you will be able to play a portion of the game right out of the box (for example, specific levels or modes). To enjoy the full game, downloading additional data is required. Depending on the storage requirements for each game, it may be necessary to purchase a microSD card to expand storage space. When purchasing a digital version of the game, it may also be necessary to purchase a microSD card depending on the game’s storage requirements and the storage available on the consumer’s Nintendo Switch console.


57 thoughts on “Nintendo Further Discussed Certain Future Nintendo Switch Games Needing MicroSD Cards”

  1. At least we might not have to worry about this with first party games since Nintendo are masters of compression to keep file sizes small.

    1. It all makes sense now. You know, Nintendo are really good with storages when it comes to games they develop. I’m honestly thinking of getting a micro SD card myself this year. I do hope any games Might be able to take alot of space for Nintendo Switch micro SD card.

  2. People who hate this are:

    Never bought a console.
    Nintendo hardcore fan that never bought a another console except from Nintendo
    Never played AAA Games.
    Only played indie and games below 5GB(probably10GB)

    1. Other people who hate this are:
      People who never download a game for example on ps4 console: 40GB and you have 50GB only. They put you a message error that insufficient space.

        1. I really don’t think the only difference between the PS4 edition and Switch edition is compression. It’s probably a whole lot of different assets that makes the filesize that different. And isn’t it Visual Consepts who develop NBA 2K18 — and not Nintendo?

          Btw most PS4s have 500GB+ HDD unless you changed it yourself, not 50

        2. Sure. Big game. I get that, and I totally understand the whole game being downloaded would be a need for extra space. When I bought my 360 years ago I was the idiot that grabbed the 4 GB system cause it was cheaper and got burned. But from the way these articles are worded it seems like you’re still going to have to download whole sections of these game even when you own the physical copies. Essentially these games are going to be sold incomplete. Which is garbage. It’d be the equivalent of buying Batman Arkham City and only being able to explore half the city, or Breath if the Wild and not getting Hyrule Castle on the game card. The point of a physical version of the games is to have the game without a need to download a bunch of data. Updates and fixes, sure. But whole levels? WTH is that?? Shrug. Maybe I’m just reading it wrong or its a small thing, but if it’s their way of cheaping out on putting the whole game on the card than I’m pretty miffed.

      1. It all makes sense now. You know, Nintendo are really good with storages when it comes to games they develop. I’m honestly thinking of getting a micro SD card myself this year. I do hope any games Might be able to take alot of space for Nintendo Switch micro SD card.

  3. That…sounds worrisome. The entire point of buying a physical copy of a game is getting the game without having to download it. I understand when it’s fluff data, like how Xenoblade Chronicles X let you download packs that allowed enemies and environments to load quicker so you didn’t have as many glaring pop ins, but literally having to download chunks of the game itself is straight up ass-tacular.

      1. Sure. That’s common enough. But the wording here seems to imply that some games are straight up going to come incomplete and that parts will have to be downloaded. Not just a patch or a glitch fix, but actual levels and such. That is just…weird.

      2. Yeah, it’s weird.
        It’s not altogether unheard of, we’re used to day one patches and all…
        …but you’re right. This does sound like the current Street Fighter V situation where a majority of game content is not to be found on disc.
        (Well, cartridge in the case of Switch)

    1. :v you do realize you don’t have to buy the nintendo branded ones =b this isn’t a vita, it’s not required to pay 118 euro to get 32 gigs =b and i mean required :v the vita didn’t even have built in usable memory

  4. It all makes sense now. You know, Nintendo are really good with storages when it comes to games they develop. I’m honestly thinking of getting a micro SD card myself this year. I do hope any games Might be able to take alot of space for Nintendo Switch micro SD card.

    1. Yes it is. I think they are talking about some games that requires so much spaces that you have to download the data on SD cards. I think this is not related to Nintendo games (for now).

    1. Well, I think it’s unlike Vita on two points.
      Vita does fully succeed at mobile gaming, (caveat battery life, but y’know – its competition isn’t much better) it just lacks developer interest.
      And while the Vita memory cards are insanely expensive proprietary ones, the Switch SD cards are dime a dozen standard ones used in everything.
      I already had several ones of high capacity by the time I got a Switch, still looking for Vita ones that won’t eat into my food budget.

  5. Ok I hope Nintendo will restrict those games more in the future. I’m ok with this, while I believe those games like NBA2k18 should receive a warning in the eShop for the file size and must launch simultaneously with the physical copy. A partnership with physical retailers like Gamestop or Amazon in every country would be great as well. So you could order the physical copy for those games in the eShop as well. I also hope Nintendo will offer 64GB cartridges in the future as well for devs out there.

    People rage to much about this. The great thing is, that you can just go digital . The biggest problem for me is, that games with a lot of content added after the initial release will be too big or not ported over entirely.

  6. Texture. Botw just use the same texture all over the place. Plus the game is quite empty for its size. And just because they stretch a field wide, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a large game-file.

    1. the same texture empty LIAR nintesno do code and compression beter than anuone trying to revere a fact MORON


      1. Okey, I’m not working for Nintendo, so I don’t know the inside facts. It could be right ofc. But for me it doesn’t seems so. And that’s just me opinion and seems like a logic conclusion in my mind. I could though be wrong.

    2. I meant textures*, but textures is what takes alot of space. Different kind of content and assets takes space. The shrines in the game are just variations of eachother, a clever trick to keep the file size down.

    3. Quite empty? I found it right for the position of boss, enemies, items, treasures and so on.

      On the Switch version the textures are better, I say yes but it took only 0.4 GB compared to the Wii U version and it’s actually very impressive.

      1. Afaik the textures aren’t better on the Switch version, rather the threshold settings are more generous.
        That is, you can see the highest detail version of the textures further away – whereas you have to be real close to get them on WiiU. Similarily a lot of other LOD has increased viewing distance.
        If that is the case, the resource files are the same.

      2. The resolution on Wii Us BotW is 720p and docked Switch is 900p. It’s a bit more pixles, so Switch should have better textures. But does the Wii U use s different assets? Is those 0.4GB confirmed to only be texturequality boost? Are you talking about download size or installed size?

          1. Well, that didn’t answer a lot. I really don’t think there is difference between the textures. I think it’s more resolution and other effects like better DOV. I couldn’t find anything saying those 400mb was textures. Don’t forget Nintendo officially stated that the Switch-version would have higher quality sound. That could explain some of the difference. My eyes could be wrong though.

  7. But, does the Switch support external HDD? I keep seeing that a microsd card needs to be used. I know it’s supposed to be portable and all, but it is possible some people leave the Switch docked at home. So, it could at least have that option.

    1. Nintendo did say that it can technically support it, but not at the moment. Probably it’s gonna be added in a future software update. So for now SD cards is gonna be the only way to expand storage.

  8. Well, this is a bummer. Physical games are acting more like a pass to download the game, which defeats the entire purpose of getting it physically. Mind as well download the game instead.

      1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

        I’m laughing because a bunch of fools thought the Switch wasn’t gonna need a whole lot of internal data because they thought the use of cartridges meant they won’t have the same issue that the PS4 & Xbox One have with discs where some 3rd party games needed to download part of the game onto the system. Anyone that knows how expensive Micro SD Cards will get & don’t want to spend too much money on data storage will be less likely to get 3rd party games on the Switch til it gets external HDD support.

        1. Well in real this problem was never mention to be solved with only the cartridges. If Nintendo doesn’t thinked about very big games, then why the Switch has the possibility to put inside an SDcard?
          This means Nintendo thinked already on problem likes this.

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