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Here’s The North American Commercial For Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament DX is due to be released towards the end of the month so naturally the marketing campaign for the game is in full swing. Nintendo of America has recently uploaded the North American commercial for the game giving Nintendo Switch owners an idea of what to expect when the game launches on September 22nd.



    1. What did you expect? Nintendo gave up on quality control a while ago. Remember Mario Tennis Wii U, Federation Force, AC Amiibo Festival, SF Zero, Chibi Robo and all that other crap?

      1. I don’t think quality had anything to do with this, as a Pokemon fighting game was something people had been requesting for years. I’m just not into it. Not to mention the Wii U edition was neglected compared to the arcade version, but admittedly that was par for the course for most Wii U games.

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