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IGN Says Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

IGN recently had an opportunity to go hands-on with Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and have come away from the experience very impressed. The gaming publication managed to get some quality time with the game during PAX West and have stated that the game not only runs well on Nintendo’s latest hardware but the load times have been improved significantly. Here’s their impressions:

“I’m sure that saying that Skyrim on Switch feels just like Skyrim sounds like I’m being reductive, but it’s actually genuine praise. The game runs well, with a smooth framerate and generally crisp textures, and even the historically epic load times seemed shorter. But what’s more impressive is undocking the game and playing in handheld mode.

Skyrim really pops on the Switch’s screen, and the novelty of taking its massive world on the go is sort of incredible. When it first launched back in 2011, the idea of putting Skyrim on a portable device seemed laughable, but it makes a lot of sense on Switch.

New to this version is amiibo functionality. Players can use amiibo to randomly generate loot in the form of treasure chests that drop from sky, not unlike in Breath of the Wild. I used the original Link amiibo to summon a chest full of gauntlets and fruit, but was assured by Nintendo that the Link armor from this year’s E3 demo was in the game and is pretty common in loot drops. So, for those of you looking to play this version of Skyrim as a gritty Zelda reboot, it shouldn’t prove too difficult. Motion controls are also added to this version and while aiming a bow and arrow works well enough, flicking your wrists to perform different melee attacks felt clunky and unnecessary.”


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    1. Sorry, I deleted it as news tips should be sent via the contact form and then I can publish them for you guys. Please do this in future :) I haven’t heard anything else on the subject of Fallout coming to Switch, but if I do I’ll certainly get an article up!

  1. I can’t wait for this. The Switch is already not disappointing at almost every level and every game promising good stuff so far delivers. FIFA was my biggest surprise and as much as I don’t play that game, I think it’s the most important 3rd-party release to date.

  2. I’ll probably buy the Switch version of Skyrim, even though it will be the 3rd time purchasing the game. I’m just glad Destiny 2 comes out in a couple days, because ive been aching for a good video game to play. I even got so desperate that I broke out my PSP and played through Symphony of the Night again! lool. Seriously, Arms, Splatoon, or MK8 just doesn’t scratch my gaming itch..(although I had a lot of fun with MK8 three years ago). I need story and lore and character progression… Here’s to you Xenoblade.

  3. And btw, MNN…. Your damn pop up video ad just scared the living shit out of me.. Yea, my volume was turned all the way up and I nearly just shit my pants… thanks

    1. ads are getting ridiculous on phones which is why i prefer browsing on a computer with an adblocker plugin for my preferred browser (chrome, ram hog but i still like it regardless). i am not saying websites should never use ads, im saying websites should use ads that are not hogs on bandwidth with autoplaying videos and like 50 ads all over the site, one ad is sufficient and please no video ads because it heavily lags my phone and my phone is not a crappy phone, its a pretty decent crappy phone that does pretty good for it being decent.

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