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Suda51 Would Still Like To See Travis In Super Smash Bros

One of the surprise announcements last week was the fact that we are getting a brand new No More Heroes game for the Nintendo Switch. Online gaming publication Destructoid managed to catch up with Suda51 to talk all about the stylish game. It may come as no surprise to hear that Suda 51 is rooting for Travis to appear in the Super Smash Bros franchise, but only time will tell. Here’s some excerpts from the interview:

On the gameplay of Travis Strikes Again…

“…The previous games were Travis fighting the other assassins; you know, fighting his way up through the rankings. He wanted to do something a bit different from that this time. So, again, while it is the same character, same aesthetic, same general gameplay and everything, it certainly is a different type of game. And he wants everyone to realize right from the get-go that it is a No More Heroes game, but it’s a different kind of No More Heroes game.”

On why he’s supporting Switch

“He feels that the Switch has a lot of possibilities as a console. There’s a lot of new things it’s trying out as a piece of hardware. There’s a lot of things he’d be able to do by putting the game on the Switch that he wouldn’t be able to do putting it on another console. So far, everyone’s been really supportive for him. The console itself is fun and easy to develop for. And as far as the type of game this is and the way controls are going to work out, it’s a perfect fit.”

On Suda’s hope for Travis to join Smash Bros….

“Also, there’s another reason he decided to make Travis Strikes Again playable on one controller: it would really raise the possibilities of getting an invitation to put Travis in Smash Bros.. I think maybe this time it might work out.”

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Thanks to takamaru64 for the tip!


  1. -On gameplay, how about just stop trying to explain it and show some teaser footage. It’ll make it easier for everyone with tiny reading comprehension levels to understand… * Rim shots *

    -On support, I guess we’ll see exactly how far that goes when more information on how divided the game is between Retro worlds and main games Story, if there is one.

    -On smash bros., He would eventually be my main, so I’m down with that.

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  2. Next year E3

    -No More Heroes 3 trailer plays
    -People hype up to max level
    -At the end of the trailer, Travis received a call from Silvya
    -Tell Travis he been invited to Super Smash brothers, also to Trust in his force and head to the garden of madness
    -People go completely bash shit insane on the stream, screaming like mad crazy monkeys on the stage
    -After the trailer Smash 5 is announced, using Smash 4 as the base, but improved graphics overall, and many many new features and characters
    -At the end, Ridley is finally announced
    -Nintendo fans all over the world rejoice as the new golden age of gaming arrives
    -Some even die of heart attacks because of over excitement

    That the dream

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  3. How to have your character in Smash 5:
    – Your game must be on a Nintendo platform
    – Your game must have a good amount of success
    – The character must be good for be liked by players
    – If God Sakurai is ok about it, then you’ll probably see Travis in Smash 5.


    1. The bad news is that Sakurai is working on a new project. The good news, however, is that Bandai Namco are working on a Super Smash Bros. title for the Nintendo Switch, according to a reported leak from The Wall Street Journal one year ago.

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      1. Mmmmm about God Sakurai it’s true because he told on a video that I don’t remeber.

        About Bandai Namco I don’t know.


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