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Resident Evil Revelations Will Take Up 13GB Of Space And Revelations 2 26GB

Capcom has opened the official website for Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 and have confirmed the amount of storage needed for each game. The first Resident Evil Revelations game will take up 13GB of space on your Nintendo Switch console and Resident Evil Revelations 2 requires 26GB of HD space. Both games will launch here in the west on November 28th. You can view the website, here.

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24 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Will Take Up 13GB Of Space And Revelations 2 26GB”

    1. I liked this better than 4. Maybe because I played through 1-3 and CV just before playing 4 and found shooting through hordes of villagers too stupid at the time. And maybe just because it looked so good in 3d…

      1. Honestly I think it has to do with (ready the haters) the fact that the main character is a female lead.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m all about the lady’s, but I’ve never been into the idea of a lead character HAVING to be female. I know it’s part of the story and whatever blah blah, but options are always good and there’s plenty of RE characters.

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  2. So capcom didn’t want to use a 32gb for RE2 like SE did it with DQH 1 & 2. RE1 will cost them less because is a 16GB SD. Well no problem. Deleting a game later won’t delete the save data at least.

    1. It’s going to cost them a sale here, though. I would have considered buying this (and was) if the smaller of the two games were download only and not the other way around. 26 GB out of my 64 SD card is too much for a game that I don’t HAVE to own. I would have easily paid an extra $10 to have both on carts and saved myself having to buy more storage.

      Capcom is somehow making all the wrong moves for me right now. I bought Ultra Street Fighter II as a sign of good faith, but that was a lazy port of HD remix (which I already own on 360). Between not localizing MHXX, no news of MHW, and this poor excuse for a “physical release”, I’m done buying games from them until they prove themselves.

      Ubisoft, EA, and Bethesda are all being careful to make the right moves – it feels like Capcom is taking us for granted.

  3. funny that the superior one (Revelations 1) takes less space. there should be a physical release, that is just too much to be saved on the switch.

    1. Extra bling.
      Unpacked ultra quality textures which Switch won’t be utilizing.
      My guess is they could get it down to 16gb if they packed audio and optimized textures for Switch.

  4. Damn if there had to be digital I would choose Revelations 1 because it takes up less space plus I already got it on 3ds I only have a 64gb sd card in my switch that 26 is gonna take up most of that

  5. I wish there was a physical version of Revelations 2. I hate downloading games that large. Partially because I don’t want to buy additional storage

  6. Its a shame the Switch has so little space,32GB is nothing,its biting them in the ass,now we have to carefully choose which games we REALLY want.A micro SD card is a must

  7. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

    Keep this news of the amount of data these games take up coming. It makes me feel all the better in deciding to only get the small amount of exclusives that interest me on this system that would be far more expensive for me otherwise. Thankfully, only 2, maybe 3, games are on my watchlist for Switch right now. Hopefully it’ll get external HDD support for those of us that want to stick with the docked mode & don’t want to spend hundreds & hundreds of bucks on Micro SD Cards before the amount of games I want on Switch increase beyond the amount of current data storage I have available for it.

    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

      Oh damn. I nearly forgot.

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