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Monster Hunter XX For Nintendo Switch Has Shipped 300,000 Units In Asia

While Nintendo Switch owners are missing out on the upcoming Monster Hunter World we do have Monster Hunter XX which is available for import. We have received sales figures for the game today, thanks to the reliable Takashi Mochizuki, who is the Wall Street Journal technology reporter. He reports that the game has shipped 300,000 in Asia with 200,000 coming from Japan.

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    1. Yea I think it’s been a week or two. I’m not sure whether Capcom would deem this as a success but it’s low imo. Monster hunter usually sells in droves in japan. Could be because of the stock issue and so little units out there or could be because people are waiting for monster hunter world who knows.

        1. MH4 solded 2 mil on four days. I don’t think 300k is too great, but this is just a port, so they probably don’t need that kind of numbers on a console that “no one” gets their hands on. Hope they decide to gives us that game fast. I want it before MH World, even though Capcom stated to me that we should appreciate that we got MHW when I asked about MHG Switch Ed.

          1. Holy sh*t! 2 mil in 4 days.

            Yeah that’s just a port and also he refers only in Asia not in all the world.

            But the problem is this, the game isn’t released in the west.

  1. It’s a success since it’s a port of a game that already sold much on the Nintendo 3DS. They can’t expect all the people to double dip.

  2. Considering Capcom was expecting 300,000-500,000 to consider it a success, it’s ALREADY met that goal after a very short amount of time, so this is nothing but good news.

  3. That’s good, because the only advantage it has over the 3ds version is graphics. The 3ds has 3d and a second screen which is used in a good way. Compare it to the Wii U version of MH3U, where you had a fantastic online feature with integrated voice chat and a really good lobby system, whereas the 3ds version only had local multiplayer.

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