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Death Squared Switch Sold More In First Three Days Than All Other Platforms

SMG Studios have recently announced via Twitter that their title Death Squared for the Nintendo Switch has sold more in its first three days than it did on any other platform.

Further to this Tweet, SMG speculated that this could be for a number of reasons, such as the fact that they felt that Switch players were more “into” the game, and because the games media were more willing to review the game on this platform. They advised that there were 23 reviews on Metacritic for the Switch version, in comparison to the 5 on other platforms.

SMG also noted that they have hit the tail for Switch now and still selling more per day than all the other platforms combined by 200-500%.



  1. It’s a less-crowded market – and this is something Nintendo are doing intentionally. They are allowing mostly only high quality games onto the store and in an age where other stores such as Steam and Playstation Store are getting littered by indie garbage, Switch is giving the best indie games a great place to breathe.

  2. It’s nice to see people be happy about the sales of their game on the SWITCH!

    By the way guys.


    I’m ready Nintendo stream your live now.

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