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FAST RMX Update Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

The FAST RMX update promised by developer Shin’en is now live and looks set to provide consumers with a wealth of content. There are six new tracks and two new cups:

Titanium Cup

Tepaneca Haze
Chuoku Habitat
Ice Coast

Iridium Cup

Cameron Raceway
Sunahara Valley
Scorpio Mine

Here are some more improvements which we can expect to see also:

  • The CPU-driver AI has been improved
  • A hang on the loading screen that happened when your Switch wasn’t powered down for a month has been resolved
  • Friend Online plays are now shown in yours
  • Switch console ‘Friend Activity log’

The new update is available now on your Nintendo Switch so go have fun!

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  1. This game is a must buy for switch owners imo. I hope they are making good sales on this game because it really deserves it with the great gameplay, graphics and continuous updates.

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