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Tabata Says There’s No Plans For Final Fantasy XV On The Nintendo Switch

Despite contradictory reports it would seem as though Final Fantasy XV won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch after all. The news was confirmed by director Hajime Tabata who told Famitsu that “There are no plans to release Final Fantasy XV on the Nintendo Switch.” I guess that’s it on the subject.


  1. That’s fine, but don’t egg us on. I’m getting tired of the way Nintendo fans are being treated by third parties. They don’t pull this crap with PlayStation or Xbox owners.

    1. It’s been decades now, it’s Nintendo’s fault in case you haven’t noticed. Obviously talks went South, if there was ever a discussion to begin with.

      1. Nintendo wasnt the one who teased fans, saying they’re working on “something that rhymes with Twitch. Nintendo weren’t the ones who said they were doing “everything they can” to get FFXV on Switch, only to backtrack and say there are no plans. This confusing message is Squares fault, not Nintendo and I’m pretty much over people blaming literally every single thing on Nintendo.

        1. It’s their fault for the decades of third party non support. But you can keep blaming others, it’s fine.

          Nintendo never denied the talks, therefore they failed.

          1. Lmao I literally don’t know how to break it down simpler, so idk what to tell you dude. Again it was Square, NOT Nintendo, who went off teasing something FFXV related for Switch only to backtrack a week later. How you find a way to blame Nintendo for this, despite two confusing comments attempting to explain it, is still beyond me.

      2. “It’s Nintendo’s Fault” Yet Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are being released for the platform….. sorry but it’s actually Square Enix’s issue as their Engine doesn’t support Switch as of yet, remember, the engine was originally designed to run on PS3.

  2. Square Enix should be worried now, this could mean Nintendo fans will no longer support Square Enix games on the platform as they were mislead by Tabata into thinking FFXV would be coming to the Switch.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Final Fantasy 16 sells like crap on Switch if that gets ported.

    1. Well, we get Project Octopath Traveler. And I don’t think consumers the most have noticed the “FFXV confirmation” anyway. Plenty of my gaming pals don’t even get the half amount of gaming news as I do.

  3. Aside from Project Octopath, I never expected anything good from Square Enix on the Switch to begin with. Square Enix is beginning to piss me off even more than what Konami and Capcom are capable over the past few years with their BS.
    I guarantee SE has zero intentions to support the Switch after they release Project Octopath, their recent actions even show that they are planning to focus on mobile and multiplayer focused garbage, just for those sweet sweet whales and dolphins who can’t help themselves when it comes to being piggy bank shill for gambling loot box microtransactions!

    Makes me sick knowing every last game I grew up playing is turning to microtransaction riddled cash grabs with mediocre lackluster content as a campaign, if any at all. What makes it worse is any hopes of a new Parasite Eve is now dead, and if they even do anything related to that franchise will be either mp focused online only garbage or a retarded mobile slap in the face, either way SE will find a way to shoehorn in microtransactions somehow, the filthy bastards!

    1. You really gonna go that low and compare SE to Konami and Capcom…? SE is giving us FF7 remake, ave us FF15 and KH3 is on the way. Stuff that fans have been asking for, especially FF7 remake. Konami destroyed themselves and fired their brain. Capcom killed their franchises like Megaman and released expansions for games only.

  4. I’m sad, but on the other hand, I’m kind of happy for those people who were arguing with me that FFXV for Switch is basically confirmed :)

  5. Project Octopath traveller, dragon quest builders, dragon quest builders 2, dragon quest x, dragon quest XI.. .. And people say Square Enix treat them like crap simply because they aren’t porting FFXV?
    It’s ungrateful behavior like this that makes 3rd parties not think twice about screwing with Nintendo fans. Support them for the 4 games and 1 exclusive they’ve given the console in its first year… That’s more than what Bethesda has announced and Bethesda are the angels while SE are crap?


    1. Pretty much this, the comments here are just OD here

      Magically SE should be worried now cause mean Nintendo fans will no longer support for not bring over one game. Meanwhile your getting like 5 or so games from them like cubits12x said.

      Besides SE never even promise that FFXV would come to switch anyway, But i guess looking into bring FFXV to the swtich = FFXV is getting the switch.

      1. I also even forgot to mention I am Setting , Lost Spear and Carnivale Antique… That’s 8 titles in 1 year. No other developer has been able to too that and yet they rant cos of FFXV?

  6. I think people are taking this the wrong way. There are no plans to bring it to Switch at the moment. They haven’t decided if they will try to work with Luminous or do something with UE4 to port it etc. So, until those talks are resolved, there is no plan to bring it to Switch. Until there is one, or they outright cancel the idea.

    No plans to bring it to Switch doesn’t automatically equate to “FFXV will never come to Nintendo Switch.” Time will tell.

  7. The phrase “There are no plans…” does not equate to an affirmative dismissal. It’s a non-denial, and in many cases those euphemistically equate to an admission that there is some truth to whatever it is that’s being probed…

  8. What I’d love to see from them is a remake of FF VI and/or Chrono Trigger using Octopath Traveler’s 2D HD visual style.

  9. Although I see the confused messaging as frustrating by those who have jumped the gun and seen this title as confirmed. It is a little harsh to dismiss the beautiful games they are delivering. Fans need to lose this victim feeling every time a developer chooses not to port a game. Rather concentrate on the wonderful and growing support. Not to mention the epic games being delivered by Nintendo that has stoked the switches success so far.
    With games like doom, wolfenstein, xenoblade 2, a new mario, 2k NBA, octopath, Skyrim, mario and rabid rabbits, la noir. To list but a few. My wallet is not going to survive, let’s concentrate on all the good not feel all Doomed every time some one hasn’t confirmed a port. Stepping off my soap box.

  10. First off. F**k Final Fantasy!! That shit has been overrated since the PS3/Xbox360 generation. If they can’t see how much $ that would rake in then “oh well!, Lol! F**king idiots!”
    I prefer KINGDOM HEARTS 1,2, & 3 anyway. Now watch they say “we’re not bringing THE KH SERIES to Switch either.” Ill be totallt done with square*enix.

  11. There are no plans on buy Final Fantasy for the Switch. See what I did there?
    But seriously pass this and go for something like KH3 indeed. IMO way more interesting.

  12. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Whatever. There are still quite a number of other games for Switch coming from Square Enix. In other words, get over it. If you REALLY want FFXV, better save up for a used, regular PS4 or Xbone, bubs.

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