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US: Analyst Says Switch Retail Software On Track To Be Biggest Nintendo Launch Year Since 1995

We know that the Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo coming off the back of the ailing Wii U console. Mat Piscatella, who is an Industry Analyst at the NPD Group, has revealed that Nintendo Switch physical software sales in the United States are currently on track to be Nintendo’s biggest launch year since 1995. That’s no doubt highly encouraging news for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch owners.


  1. Incredible…..and this is just the Switch’s beginning. Nintendo is back baby and it ain’t a damn thing that you haters can do about it

  2. Why pachter so quiet?
    Is he waiting for Switch to fail, so he can say “I told you so”, despite not saying really anything?

  3. Now that Nintendo is back, I see the haters have nothing to say, their words are lacked.
    As a result this Nintendo blog’s comments are often now on track. Imagine that.

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