Big Super Mario Run Update Arrives A Day Early On iOS And Android

Update: Also available on Android.

We reported that Nintendo has been hard at work on a new update to the popular Super Mario Run on mobile platforms. The update was due to go live tomorrow but those of you who have iOS devices will have noticed the update rolled out quietly today. Here’s the changes for those of you who aren’t aware. The game has also been reduced in price.

Remix 10

Remix 10 is a frenetic new mode in which you play a set of 10 super-short sections from Super Mario Run’s existing levels in quick succession. The stages are remixed with each attempt, and with rainbow-colored bonus medals strewn across these bite-sized stages, it’s a fresh challenge every time.

Remix 10 has no Game Over screen and even if you fail to complete a level, you’ll just proceed to the next one without any penalty. This means new players can familiarize themselves with a variety of different levels easily and experts can attempt to collect every bonus medal for a perfect rating.

Finishing stages and grabbing medals in Remix 10 mode also gives you the chance to collect new items to decorate your Mushroom Kingdom – and eventually rescue Princess Daisy.


Rescuing Daisy in Remix 10 mode unlocks her as a playable character in all of Super Mario Run’s other gameplay modes.

Explore World Star

And there’s a brand new world to discover. World Star has nine new levels which are unlocked once you’ve finished all of the existing stages in worlds 1-6.

These new levels are filled with new enemies, gameplay mechanics and of course include pink, purple, and black coin-collecting challenges. Nintendo is promising surprises for even the most seasoned Super Mario Run players in this one.

Choose your own soundtrack

Here’s a cute final fourish for you – the update also allows you to play the game while playing your favorite music in the background, and when you do, Mario and his friends will wear headphones.

Thanks to Luigi for the tip!


  1. Well, good thing it has been deleted for ages from my phone, then.
    There hasn’t been a single day I haven’t logged in Fire Emblem Heroes, very fun game, but this right here got boring and old pretty fast….

  2. As said above, it’s already on Android as well.

    I updated it, and have to say: I did enjoy the new content more than I imagined I would. Still left to see whether this will pull me into the game again, though.

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