Nintendo Switch

Telltale Games Says The Nintendo Switch Is The Perfect Match For Them

Developers seem to be jumping on-board the Nintendo Switch at a rapid pace, however TellTale Games have always pledged to support the system. The company, which creates narrative driven games, say that no series is out the question when it comes to bringing their creative titles to platform. What would you like to see from Telltale Games?

“Nintendo Switch is a perfect match for Telltale,” creative communications head Job Stauffer told MCV at Gamescom. According to Stauffer, “no series is out of the question” for a Switch port, and the studio is “looking backwards and forwards” in their portfolio when considering what to bring to the platform.

“To say we’re steering away from other content because the audience isn’t there isn’t true,” he explained. Stauffer said the studio isn’t in a hurry to release The Walking Dead for Switch just yet, “because looking into earlier seasons might require some additional effort to bring our content up to speed and up to Nintendo’s standards.”

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  1. Great!

    One request Telltale, stop making all your adventure games around the same basic formula. Adventure games have always had diversity. What IP you’re borrowing doesn’t need to be the biggest difference between games.


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