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Here’s The First Direct-Feed Screenshots Of DOOM For Nintendo Switch

A number of publications went hands on with DOOM on the Nintendo Switch at an event over at Bethesda. The first person shooter was only available to play in handheld mode and the team over at VG247 weren’t weren’t allowed to capture any of their own footage. Now Bethesda has provided some direct-feed screenshots of the game in action, Check them out down below.


Thanks to Mike S for the tip!


    1. Your comment is a fucking joke, kid. Get lost. The screenshots look great… especially when playing it in portable mode.

      1. YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP and go play with your Barbie dolls, Noxema! That’s the problem with graphic whores like you. Not to mention the fact that Bethesda fully supports Nintendo in bringing AAA titles to the Nintendo Switch. The mods and administrators are watching your ass so you better watch what you say to us, you fucking flame throwing asshole!

      2. Don’t worry. He will soon have to buy a Switch because all his friends got one. People like him are mindless drones who just follow the “cool kids”.

    2. I’ve yet to meet someone old enough to get into a rated R movie that cares more about small changes in resolution than in the quality of the game itself. Here’s a tip kid, nobody outside of junior high cares, and nobody at all cared before the 2000’s. When original DOOM was out, people who played DOOM also played Mario. People who played Mario also played Contra. This pissing contest about measuring games in completely arbitrary ways? It didn’t exist until other companies (Sega was the first. Xbox came later) were so desperate to even compete with Nintendo, that they resorted to telling gullible children that it would make them uncool.

      Grab a juice box, take a walk around your parents’ neighborhood, and ask yourself why you play games in the first place.

      1. Listen stupid nintendrone. that was the 2000’s
        Now the people who are playing Mario are just the nintendrone funs who are still loyal like dogs to the out of date company.

        Grab your Switch take a walk around and play doom. just dont try to put it on your Big tv because your eyes will explode due how bad doom looks like at 720p. Now shut up and keep thinking how good the doom on switch is. kek

      2. Noxema… you know you love your Nintendo Switch. Quit being a fake pretendo retard and grow the fuck up!

    3. I just preordered this game at EB Games. It looks absolutely amazing on the Switch and I canNOT wait to play it and see it in action. I am definitely willing to support Bethesda’s efforts on my favourite game system. They need to be rewarded for creating what already looks like a gem.

    4. How is it a joke? The Switch is ALSO a portable, so comparing it to a console that’s locked to your TV and several times the size of it is stupid.

      Panic Button has reportedly only taken portable mode into consideration while porting. That means they haven’t taken use of the extra power docked mode provides. Docked mode could probably run at a higher resolution, or at least have some of the dialing back removed, possibly even higher frame rate. However, unless they decide to utilize docked mode, we’ll just have to deal with the game running in the exact same configuration whether it’s portable or not.

      Mocking a portable for running a modern game at 720p really shows that you are either a fanboy troll, or you really have absolutely no idea how impressive this actually is, due to your lack of comprehension of modern mobile technology.

      1. Well said. We’ll have to see if they make use of docked mode. If not, it still looks great in 720p, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

        A shame two of their innovations led them down a path of mediocrity. Oh well. Their 3rd innovation that is the Switch seems to be bringing them from that path since this is the first time in years that a Nintendo system has gotten tons of big name 3rd party support from the likes of Bethesda & Take Two who haven’t supported Nintendo’s home console before. Not to mention Square Enix is giving their home console quite a number of games which hasn’t been seen since the SNES days.

  1. not liking the polish here and no gyro is like having no eyes to see the game its a fps kindly add in fps controls lol fpsing wityhout fps contropls is like soup without a spoon

    mario odyasy is lightyears above this game

      1. Did you see the last level of Super Mario 3D World? Champion’s Road? It has Dark Souls’ level of difficulty. You’re just embarrassing yourself here.

          Sure i died some times there. you need to collect every secret to unlock that lvl. But that was only that. ONLY that that it was hard. The rest of the game was like tutorial
          And this game is no different is gonna be the same. A boring nice looking shit for casuals till you unlock the super last lvl that will be 1-2 hours to clear. well i gues all the nintendrones are happy to play easy casual game with zero challenge just to run around in a nice looking world with cool abilities..

          1. I’m puzzled with your story there pal. So you say you completed the entirety of 3D World meaning you took the time to play the entire game obviously. But by your own logic, that would make you a Nintendrone because apparently only babies are allowed to enjoy certain video games. I’m shocked that such a hardcore serious gamer like yourself would even trouble yourself would even bother playing such a childish game to its completion, because as you know, that makes you a Nintendrone like the lot of us. Unless you’re lying of course.
            So which is friend?
            Nintendrone? Or lier?

            1. Wrong. Nintendrone.
              I Cant claim something is boring kiddie game for casual gamers before i finish it like 100%
              So nintendrone cut the shit. i have to finish the game to know it is a shit casual game. till you unlock the bonus stages…lol

              1. Sorry but you said it yourself. Anyone who plays these casual games are Nintendrones themselves. You play these kiddie games all the same, to completion no less, so maybe don’t patronize people on what games they play because you know you’re playing them too, Nintendrone. Only difference is that you’re a Nintendrone that bitches about graphics, and that is not a good combination.

      2. And after that, you become a fucking graphics whore and create more bullshit like President Trump.

    1. Now suddenly everyone loves gyro controls!! Back in the Wii days everyone said it was a joke, it was a useless gimmick, while some of us enjoyed The Conduit, TLOZ Skyward Sword (with its flaws), and smaller implementation of it like Mario Galaxy. Now suddenly everybody cares!!!

  2. I think it looks great. Nintendo have always been in front when it comes to innovation, take the ds and the wii. And now with the huge success of switch, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

  3. And this is running inside a console the size of a 6-inch tablet?
    …. Yeah, I’m buying ALL my third party games on Switch from now on… well, for the portability anyway, for graphics I have a high end gaming PC for that.

  4. I think this is looking very impressive considering the console it’s running on. Bethesda did a great job porting it over. I might need to get this game just to show support.
    Some people are honestly complaing over the graphics and power of the console, when all you need to do is realize just how small the switch actually is compared to PS4 and X1. It’s really an awesome piece of hardware, that is capable of running current gen games nicely on the go. I’m just a little bit afraid of all the angry moms staring at me in the train for playing such a graphic game, that their kids would LOVE to get a hand on. XD

  5. Very impressive that it’s running on such a tiny (portable) system. I’ll be picking this up for sure. I already have it on pc, but having this on the go will be great.

      1. And that’s the reason why 3rd party support is hard on Nintendo, the people are cheap and not like to spend like Sony fans for real though

  6. I don’t care if this doesn’t look as good as on my PS4… It’s DOOM on the go!! I’ve always wanted a game like this on the go. I already beat it and all… It’s a shame we won’t get the level creator thing, but its a good game to have on the Switch and it even has multiplayer online!!!
    Can’t wait to have it on my Switch!!!

    1. Yeah, this thing looks amazing. I haven’t played this DOOM on any other system, so I think I’m in for a wild ride. I have no preconceived expectations other than being excited, lol. Anyone who doesn’t think this game is a good thing to have on the Switch needs their head examined.

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