Famitsu Republishes Original Reviews For Super Famicom Mini Games

As you are aware the Super Famicom Mini launched recently in Japan and included a few games that weren’t on the western SNES Mini. Mostly the games are the same, but interestingly the publication decided to republish the original scores they gave the games that are pre-installed on the system. Here’s the scores Famitsu originally gave the Super Famicom Mini games back in the day:

  • Super Mario World: 8/9/9/8
  • F-Zero: 10/8/9/10
  • Ganbare Goemon: 7/7/7/6
  • Super Ghosts and Ghouls: 7/7/7/6
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: 9/10/10/10
  • Super Formation Soccer: 8/9/6/8
  • Contra III: 7/8/7/6
  • Super Mario Kart: 8/9/8/7
  • Star Fox: 10/9/8/7
  • Secret of Mana: 9/9/8/7
  • Mega Man X: 7/6/6/7
  • Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem: 9/8/9/10
  • Super Metroid: 8/8/8/8
  • Final Fantasy VI: 9/8/10/10
  • Super Street Fighter II: 8/8/7/7
  • Donkey Kong Country: 7/8/8/8
  • Yoshi’s Island: 9/9/8/7
  • Panel de Pon: 7/7/8/7
  • Super Mario RPG: 9/8/8/7
  • Kirby Super Star: 9/8/7/8




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