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Nintendo France Reveal New Nintendo 2DS XL Bundle For Christmas

French consumers will soon be able to get their hands on a brand new New Nintendo 2DS XL bundle on December 1st. The bundle contains a blue and black New Nintendo 2DS XL and a copy of the wonderful Super Mario 3D Land.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo France Reveal New Nintendo 2DS XL Bundle For Christmas”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Our forces in french territories are advancing on all fronts, Nintendo will not be denied this time…||

  2. They couldn’t think of a better game than Super Mario 3D Land? Ugh! I hated that game. Wait………another download code? Nintendo has gotten completely pathetic with their so-called “bundles” these days. What happened to the days of actually having a physical game and case inside? That’s as bad as a kid wanting a box of cereal solely for the toy inside. Only to find out that it’s just a download code to watch the toy dancing around on your computer.

    If I wanted this particular 2DS “bundle”, I’d sell the idiotic download code on ebay and buy the physical game that it should have came with in the freakin’ first place. This is one of the things that Nintendo pisses me off the most about. They’ve gotten so careless and lazy.

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