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Super Mario Odyssey Awarded A Perfect 10 From EDGE

Super Mario Odyssey is shaping up to be an awe-inspiring adventure and it’s out very soon. Respected UK games publication EDGE magazine is the first to review the title and it has received a perfect 10/10 review score. This is the 20th game to receive a perfect score from the magazine which has been running for a number of years. Super Mario Odyssey joins The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the second 10/10 game on the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Kudos to UK publication EDGE Magazine for Super Mario Odyssey’s PERFECT SCORE! The second Nintendo Switch game with a 10 out of 10 score! October 27th is just weeks away from reality! If you haven’t gotten the Switch (like myself) at this moment, be sure to pre-order the Switch Super Mario Odyssey bundle (and a MicroSD memory card) immediately! You won’t be disappointed.

    1. I think SM3DW is also a masterpiece, the fact that it was released on a not very popular platform doesn’t mean is a bad game. Very few of us got to enjoy a really good Mario game, and it’s a shame it isn’t as big as the other games in the series.

      1. A friend of mine was a very adamant that no Super Mario game ever surpassed Super Mario 64. He got SM3DW for Christmas and the first conversation we had it about it, he goes “You’re right. It is better than 64.”

      2. not sure what you mean with ‚big‘. for me it felt very huge. but maybe bc i only played it in coop. and as a coop game it did exactly to platformers what mario kart did for racing games. a real coop-masterpiece :)

      3. Wii U has nothing to do with SM3DW’s polarization from its predecessors. It has to do with the fact it’s a sequel to essentially a spin-off series which makes it ineligible for comparison to 64/Sunshine/Galaxy/Odyssey. But it can still stand tall among its more appropriate 2D-style brethren.

      4. I think a decent portion of dislike I see for 3D World is due to how it isn’t a “real” 3D Mario game, as I’ve heard some say. It’s an entirely different type of 3D Mario, sure, but it nails its own style, dare I say, near perfectly.

        Safe to say though, I’m glad they moved back to 3D Mario’s roots for Odyssey. It’s been far too long without some needed Nintendo magic in the 3D sandbox platformer genre.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo game wins Game of the Year, Breath of the Wild? Or Super Mario Odyssey? Nonetheless, it sure looks great to be a Switch owner.

    1. Sometimes Polygon is pretty tough (Hyrule Warriors: 5.5/10), but not all the time (Sticker Star: 7.5/10, which by the way, how the heck does Color Splash have a lower score than Sticker Star).

      1. Zelda-bias aside, Hyrule Warriors isn’t “great” anymore, and less so if the game isn’t the reviewers style.
        Add Zelda back to it and it actually is at least prettyy good. a bit too much grinding tho, takes so longto 100% the game if ever possible at all lol.

  3. Not really surprised but for Edge to give it a 10/10 then you know it’s gotta be epically flawless, considering how tough they usually are on reviews. I can’t wait for the marvel of a game…..we’re only days away guys

  4. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Zelda: BotW doesn’t deserve that rating in my book. It’s a 8/10 at best but a 7/10 at worst. *shrug* Whatever, though. It’s their opinion.

    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      It will eventually be one of the many Switch games getting emulated one day, so you’ll be able to call it a masterpiece when you can play the emulation on your computer.

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