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Team Vampires Win North American Splatfest

The results of the spooky North American Splatfest are in and it was a victory for Team Vampires. They were up against Team Werewolves but remained triumphant and managed to obtain an overwhelming 3-0 lead. Well done to all those who participated!


14 thoughts on “Team Vampires Win North American Splatfest”

    1. Yeah, we were both Team Vampire, no question. I’m surprised we won, though. Early on it felt like it was really rough going for us, with fairly weak teams for a while, but it got a lot better later on so maybe everyone else had better luck. 🎃

      1. LOL, the one time I actually choose the least popular team is the one time it looses. I liked wolves this time but I still had a feeling it would lose 3-0.
        So even if I go with my favorite of the choices or calculate and go with the other side… Any choice I make will forever be wrong.
        :D I love it!

    1. For me it isn’t a Pearl vs Marina thing. I just happen to like her choices better. I think the only time I wasn’t on Pearl’s Team was for Cake.

    2. Well he’s not lying to but ,Amy people are choosing pearl so they won’t loose, I been choosingpeal to and every time I hear why someone choose pearl it’s because they say she’s always going to win, I don’t know why they say that

      1. Really? Well wouldn’t that kinda take some of the fun out of it? Just joining a team because they think it’ll win rather than fighting for (cheesy as it sounds) something you believe in? It’s more fun for me if I give a crap about the team I’m fighting for. I mean, I genuinely think flight is a cooler superpower than invisisbility and vampires are cooler than werewolves. And anyone who thinks differently should be splatted!

  1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

    *applauds the people that fought for vampires because they actually own Spla2n* I was with you in spirit, guys! Bravo!

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