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Keymailer Has A Listing For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy On Switch

Keymailer, which connects those who create content on YouTube and Twitch to games publishers and developers via review codes, has an interesting listing that has appeared. On their site, you can find Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy currently listed on the Nintendo Switch. It is not the first time Crash has appeared on a Nintendo console, but it has been a while since it happened. There has also been inconsistent information on whether the remaster of the first 3 Crash games is going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive, but an official confirmation hasn’t happened at this time. Until it does, we will just have to wait and see.


65 thoughts on “Keymailer Has A Listing For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy On Switch”

    1. You mean like the Nintendo fanboys who are losing their minds about Monster Hunter World skipping the Switch?
      Unreasonable people exist in every community. Don’t act like Nintendo’s fanbase is any better than them, because it’s really not.

      1. This is the most true statement. In fact, I should know, I was a nintendo fanboy who hated sony for no reason… your 100% right i’m part of many fanbases at this point and they are all the same… even in basketball and cricket to a lesser extent

      2. I’m not directly comparing both cases and their details. The point I’m trying to make is, all fanbases have their irrational members who will get unreasonably mad over matters. People are just making life more difficult for themselves by getting so worked up about a game (not) coming to a certain platform. Their excessive anger will not change anything.
        It’s ok to be disappointed about some decisions, of course, but you have to know how to move on. The extremely hateful comments and pathetic accusations I’ve seen in relation to the new MH skipping Nintendo are ridiculous. But that’s just one of many examples. I don’t understand how anyone can do that to themselves honestly, haha.

        There’s a lot to say about both the Crash and MH situation if I went into detail, but yea, that’s not the point.

      3. No, a better comparison would be if Nintendo fans were upset when RE4 was no longer a Gamecube exclusive. It’s not the same thing to want to be able to play a game on your platform, as to want people on other platforms to NOT be able to play a certain game.

      4. No don’t care if others get the game. What the fans were pissed off about is not getting a localized XX port which is a lowblow to fans. Besides, MH3 case was very different back then. We didn’t care for MH nor asked for it but it happened because Sony got too greedy over the IP development on their ultra expensive PS3.

        1. No what I’m talking about is this.

          The guy on top of this comment section started with a comment against Sony fanboys. I don’t disagree about this comment in one part because I was raged by these fans only for say on Reddit “I want to see Crash on the Switch“. But in the other part it’s better not to put the fire on because you’ll receive so many negative comments. Also it depends of how you do these type of comments.

          This is what I mean.

  1. That’d be cool though I hope they fix the fucking Pill-Shaped hitbox so the poor marsupial stops slidding off edges, If not I’ll settle for the PS1 classics on the Vita for portable gameplay.

  2. Called it on GoldMetalSonic’s blog months ago
    “You should see if you can find out who the publisher is. That will give us a better idea of what it could be.

    My heart says Tomb Raider but my head says Crash Bandicoot or Final Fantasy.”

    I don’t like what they’ve done to the music in the remake. The Egyptian theme sounds way better on PS1.

          1. Which still begs the question to me: WTF were they thinking making that game and over 80+ game awards but nothing for Mario Odyssey? MY ASS and who still fucking cares about Rabbids anymore? They were never funny or amusing to begin with plus we all got sick of them before 2010.

            1. Never liked ’em myself. But my hate for the ‘bbids have nothing to do with my view on the game. It’s just boring in itself.

              80+ game awards but nothing for Mario Odyssey? Please elaborate.

              1. Because that’s all they’re flashing about in Mario/Rabbids. “Hey look, we won so many awards! You should go buy it!” but no spectacular mention of Mario Odyssey from E3 2017..which I wouldn’t blame since Metroid Prime 4 reveal was their biggest bombshell announcement.

                  1. I totally forgot about the 30fps where most of Sony fanboys hate about it……

                    I don’t really care about 30Fps but I understand the fact that you use more the Switch than the PS4.

                    1. I use whatever the games are on. But I thiiiiink I might have played PS4 a bit more than Switch. But I got Switch and PS4 Pro the same week, and from that point forward I have played a lot more Switch.

                      1. I’m a PC gamer, at least I was before my back got injured some years ago. Can’t really do much else than laying nowadays. PC gaming is for sitting people lol. But my point is; 60FPS matters to me. Luckily Nintendo is prioritising it.

                              1. Visits?
                                Yeah, but the “main purpose” of my leg nowadays is to get mini to big cramps 24/7.
                                I “train” 3 times a week, as long it isn’t within 2 months after my operationS. Got some of those too.

                                You got only Switch? Not that I would prefer much else, definitely my first console choice, but I think I would go tired without the other consoles.

              1. This had better not be a hoax!

                And no more “Super Mario Odyssey is better than any other options for 3D platformers, in fact so great, we don’t need anymore 3D platformers on the Switch, ever again” type of comments.

                Yooka-Laylee, Cuphead (even though it’s not a 3D platformer), A Hat in Time, Fe (possibly), and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy are all good options for additional platformers.

                Meanwhile, Sonic Forces still has a lot to prove and has yet to crawl out of its Modern Sonic/Solo Sonic/Boost-to-win/P&G rut, while Poi only looks like a slight step up from FreezeME. Still waiting on Lobodestroyo.

                1. Crash was always hinted as a timed exclusive because the IP is owned by Activision. They pretty much milk everything they can. The reason it will probably get on Switch is because unlike Call Of Duty there isn’t a question mark about a fanbase for Crash on this.

                  But honestly given Doom, L.A. Noire etc I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision test the waters for COD 2018.

                  Just imagine, if Sony hadn’t have signed the deal it would have got on Xbox day and date and it would be too late to launch a Switch version on it’s own. Karma for stealing Monster Hunter Sony.

                  1. They should’ve done it for CoD right now. The reason why they bailed on Wii U because it was a collosal failure. The Switch is a complete 180 and people are happy to see that it’s getting the support it deserves. EA/Ubisoft/Activision can go fuck themselves with their own stupid greed.

                  1. Yes. I enjoyed Yooka-Laylee more (I didn’t play YL on console though, which I’ve heard is way worse than the PC version). They were both very disappointing to me, I wouldn’t throw praise to either.

                    1. Played it on PC myself, but A Hat in Time is like… I don’t know how many times more it’s better than YK. It’s just good. Not like the pinacle of platformers, but darn good.

                        1. I don’t think Mario Odyssey will be bad, but I kind of hope it stacks up ALOT compared to A Hat in Time. I really liked the jumping mechanics and the upgradable part of the game. Mario don’t seem to have the upgradble-part.

                          1. I think Odyssey will stack up with its new Capture mechanic, but we’ll see. I do believe that Mario will largely have better game design/level design, but it’s also very different in that it’s more focused on freedom, while Hat in Time was more linear. Either way, for a game that was made by such a small team, it’s very impressive. It felt like I was playing a new GameCube game (which isn’t an insult), I’m excited to see what the team does next. They clearly had a lot of passion for what they were creating.

                            1. And a… lot of Time…. LEEEEEEL
                              But seriously I think the overall quality, as you said, would be better on Mario. THOUGH I liked the sudo-linear way the game presented us at AHiT. It was consist and fullpacked with love, dedication and effort.
                              I do also look forward to their next project. I noticed that Jonas wrote a lot on Twitter, both in English and Danish (which I understand since I’m Norwegian. Got to brag about something right?) and their team had A LOT OF trouble. Intern conflicts and so on. Wonder if they all still are on the same team.

                1. How is it terrible besides not fixing some glaring issues of the original like backtracking and reversing camera angle when backtracking? I love Crash but yeah, sometimes it’s platforming segments can frustrate me but that’s doesn’t mean it’s terrible or broken. Just challenging, the one word millennials hate to hear these days.

                  1. I didn’t say it was terrible :P .. Well first off, I grew up with Crash. I have a lot of nostalgia for the series. It was disappointing because I don’t think the original trilogy has aged well, especially the first game. And when a developer is remaking a game (or in this case, several games), I expect there to be actual improvements to gameplay. That’s the reason Ratchet and Clank (2016) was so good. It was a remake that fixed all of the problems with the original, and made the game feel fresh again.

                    Instead, the N.Sane trilogy just had a new coat of paint.. and that’s about it. Crash 3 is really the only title I was able to garner some enjoyment out of, and even then it was pretty bland, and the physics/controls of the Crash games have aged so poorly in my opinion. I don’t mind a challenge, my favorite series is Mega Man lol. I love a good challenge (Dark Souls, Cuphead, Fire Emblem, etc). But if I’m playing a platformer where it feels more tedious than fun to move my character around, on top of often bland level design, that’s when my enjoyment fades a lot. They couldn’t even add full analogue movement? It runs at 30fps (purposefully) when they could’ve easily achieved 60? Stiff controls and physics? It just felt like a lazy nostalgia cash-in. I expected more, and I think that series deserved better treatment than what is essentially an HD port. I don’t think it’s terrible, but there are a lot of improvements that could’ve been made; it was a wasted opportunity to do that.

                    And I may say that I like YL more, but that isn’t by a lot. They were both disappointments to me.

                    Anyway, I hope that explains my perspective. Everyone is free to their opinion, I’m certainly not stating my views as fact.

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              3. XD Oh boy. Sony Ponies ain’t gonna like this. But seriously, they should be bitching at Sony about not supporting backwards compatibility and especially Cross Platform Online Play. Also, it’ll be fair for Switch/Nintendo fans to try out the original 3 Crash games since they had others before and at the risk of pissing off more Ponies, since the game is running at 30FPS on their own consoles even the Pro, it’ll look and run just the same on Switch if it’s coming. That way they have no excuse to bitch about the system’s “inferior” ports but rather be salty about getting their apparent “exclusive” remaster of a 20 year old series. lol

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