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Here’s Footage Of The First 40 Minutes Of Don’t Knock Twice On Switch

Don’t Knock Twice, a first-person horror game, releases on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, so footage of the game has begun to surface on YouTube. One of those videos is from user ContraNetwork. Although the video does not contain commentary, it shows off the game’s first 40 minutes. We’ve included the video down below, so feel free to check it out.


15 thoughts on “Here’s Footage Of The First 40 Minutes Of Don’t Knock Twice On Switch”

  1. }{ Horror is one of the most uninteresting genres that could possibly exist… It is a genre that is rarely innovated upon, that usually stands entirely on cheap jump scares and gross out visuals, rather than generating a sense of true fear… Throw it on the shovelware pile… }{

    1. tht and Horror will never b popular in a sense of big AAA releases. Maybe a few good ones here and there but the sales will never b AAA high bc generally ppl dont like being uncomfortable. Thts y Horror games hav been more or less nearly the same ways of scaring ppl for awhile now bc the genre isnt popular enough to create good innovation in a short time.

      1. I disagree, Bloodbourne, Doom, Resident Evil 4 are all Triple A games that’s sold really well. Most people don’t get spooked by video games. They enjoy the atmosphere and immersion…. bright and colorful is great but like anything in life you need variety.

    2. This is the same kind of opinion like the opninion that Nintendo only makes child games. Based on presumably no deeper horror games knowledge, you just assumed that horror is about jump scares and graphic content, ignoring the fact that many horror movies and games have a deep psychological meaning and are considered great art works. Please, don’t share your subjective opinion as a fact without further knowledge of the topic.

    3. Horror games don’t have to be scary to be good. Example: Dead Space, Doom, Resident Evil 4…. Even Bloodbourne…

      The horror genre is actually the most interesting when done right.

    1. I̴͍͓͛̂͛̚n̵̨̛͈̼͓̂̇̈́̊̓̐͒̕f̴̧̫̗͚̹̆̔̈́̐̎̉͜i̸̡͍̯̗̼͓͓̼͖̾̽͋̂̇̓ń̸̺̮̂̉̀̚i̶̗͛̿t̸̨̹̞̮͈̓e̴͔̲̤̓̽̆̕

      The load times are the only scary thing about this game.

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