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Nintendo Conducts id Software Developer Interview For DOOM On Nintendo Switch

To coincide with the release-date announcement for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of DOOM, Nintendo has conducted a developer interview with Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin from id Software. You can check it out in the video below. DOOM is described as a challenging modern-day shooter experience, packed with relentless demons, destructive guns and fast-paced movement aimed at providing the foundation for intense first-person combat. The game is set to make its Nintendo Switch debut on November 10.

59 thoughts on “Nintendo Conducts id Software Developer Interview For DOOM On Nintendo Switch”

      1. Why would I want to play those games portable when I got a 4k tv with a kickass sound system? Not everybody cares about the portable part of a console dude. Infact home consoles sell more than portable consoles atm.

      2. Nope Nintendo doesn’t offer me the best home console experience they can like they used to in the 80’s and 90’s cause they decided to release gimmicks every generation since the WII.You can say whatever you want it’s your opinion but your the minority you probally don’t even know what Nintendo used to be like back in the days.

      3. Why would I want portable if I don’t care for it and I got a 4k tv and a good soundsystem

        Home consoles sell more than portable consoles

        Nintendo doesn’t offer the best home console experience like they did in the 80’s and 90’s because they rather make gimmicks.

        The majority of people prefer home console over portable console

        vs your words

        We should be able to fit the ps4 in our pocket

        There you have your option

        not my problem

        Sound to me like a great argument ;)

      1. 100 million people bought a ps4 and xbox cause they don’t care about the portable part. I rather have a powerfull Nintendo console with full support like the other consoles than a handheld hybrid with half ass games I already own. But I my 30 years support doesn’t matter to Nintendo , they already made that very clear with the WII and WII U now switch.

        1. 100 million? lol Now you’re exaggerating numbers and claims. Switch with it’s current Nvidia chipset is powerful as it is as well as being energy/cost efficient. Just because it’s not “2-4K” like the other two try hard PC wannabes, who in fact had to update themselves TWICE in less than 3 years to get consistent 1080p/60FPS done right, doesn’t mean it’s shit by default. You’re simply in panic mode because Switch is now getting games which many didn’t think it was gonna happen. Oh and BTW, just to enlighten your day: There are rumors of GTA5 Switch being in the works. If it becomes true, what you think is gonna happen? Switch sales and popularity will skyrocket until traditional Pokemon RPG game hits the Switch afterwards to skyrocket the sales yet again. Prepare for the end of this silly ass graphic dick measuring contest my salty friend.

      2. Pretendroidblog– According to data, the total is evidently 93.8 million… not 100 million. From your POV, you’re in full denial. I see PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners own a Nintendo Switch. Shows proof once and for all that they all don’t give a shit about console wars. If they want to play games either at home or on the go, it’s THEIR choice.

      3. Who was talking about a console war? I own every nintendo console up until the wii u both home console and handhelds.100 million to round it off I gues your to retarded to understand that. I know around 30 people that spend 20 years of there lives on a nintendo console and none of them ownes one now I gues according to your logic that is proof that they don’t give a shit about handheld. And yes its people’s own choice if they play on the go or at home people who want to play at home just got a big fuck you from Nintendo even after supporting them for 20-30 years on avarage

      4. nintendroidblog – I’m guessing your one of those fat gamers who like to sit around on the couch and drink mountain dew and dorados online in call of duty.

        Lose some weight fatty!

      5. Actually a personal trainer , workout 6 days a week myself nice gues though. Also done kickboxing matches in the past used to go to rave party’s every week in my younger years and got a above avarage social life if I may say so myself :) I drink alcohol maby 2-4 times a year :)

    1. Bethesda is keeping the promises EA made with Wii U. They have both their biggest franchises in a single month. In fact the only big ones I’ve noted as not being confirmed are Fallout and Evil Within. They didn’t even use the words ‘unprecedented partnership’ and they have put up more then EA did. Remember that before you insult this.

    2. 1. Who remotely cares besides graphics whores in full attack mode because they’re shocked to hear Switch is getting current gen games 2. This this great for the system getting more hardcore games to push the positive outlook for Switch and 3. Switching going in the same direction as GC/Wii U? lol Let me school your ass for a minute on those two: GameCube didn’t do exactly well despite having better games/support from third party than Wii/U is because A. The media disc used for the system and B. The PS2’s popularity back then was untouchable because it had shittons of games which is what the Switch is heading for. As for the Wii U, everyone should know this story: Lack of advertising, being a generation behind in specs, being way to similar to Wii in name causing a confusion between them, Nintendo, in that era, disregards their own fans and start developing shitty casual games or casualizing their best IPs to completely turn off and how could we forget…E3 2015…nuff said. Switch so far has been surprising us in many good ways and in comparison to both, Switch is nowhere near the likes of Wii U in terms of sales since it already topped Wii’s record breaking sales rate and the gaming library is growing much larger, better and faster than GC/N64/SNES COMBINED. Lastly, you wanna talk about inferior ports and specs? Then WTF is XB1/PS4 compare to PC…the same shit: Inferior specs trying way too hard to be like PCs and never will be. If that’s the case, then consoles, besides Nintendo, should cease to exist and just join with the PC market while welcoming back Sega to compete in the console wars like the good old days. I’m pretty sure they learned their lesson by now.

    3. Doom is so not gonna look like crap. As far as I can see in gameplay videos, it looks fucking gorgeous and almost like the other versions. Besides, if 30FPS is an issue, how comes you idiots didn’t complain about it among THOUSANDS of past video games that ran 30FPS especially on XB/PS which there is A LOT OF THEM and the recent Crash Trilogy remaster and brand new Destiny 2 runs on 30FPS on new PS4 hardware…strange.

    4. You mean like all of the inferior PC ports on the under powered PS4 and Xbox One? If all you care about are graphics, why would you own a console? I’ve been playing games in 4K on my PC for about 2 years now. However, I know there more to a game than resolution, so I bought Doom on the Switch and absolutely love it. Sadly, there will always be trolls like yourself that hate on things they don’t have. Sad.

  1. I spent all evening yesterday deciphering the juicy stuff in this. He mentions Panic Button Games brought Id’s engine over because of it’s scalability so I asked them if they just helped with the engine but Panic Button are also porting Doom. He mentions Bethesda Game Studios and Machine Games as developing Skyrim and Wolfenstein.

    It might not surprise you but no other hints or even mentions like ‘all we’ve announced’ or anything in relation to other projects. Only Skyrim and Wolfenstein are mentioned. Take that how you will. I personally believe it to mean they will see how Wolfenstein sells before pressing on.

    1. My apologies to you… but according to a discovery from Doctre81, the development studio behind the ports of Rocket League and DOOM, Panic Button is also porting Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the Switch. Roll that beautiful bean footage…

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  3. Myamoto can suck a fat donkey dick with his living in the past and not adapting to the times ass. Nintendo could have been great if he handed it off to successors that could successfully expand Nintendo into the modern era. I shit on Iwata’s grave.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||You were very mad at Nintendo back then and you put me in the same category as them by default…||

                    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                      ||I only replied to what you wanted to be endarkened with, I don’t care one way or the other, only Nintendo matters…||

                        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                          ||Obviously, the Empire fell, The First Order of Nintendo is rising…||

          1. I don’t know if you are a troller. But what you wrote here is so bad that you have to go on the Xbots or Sonyan fanbase instead and never come back again

          2. Tell me, if you love Smash Bros., then you just disrespected Iwata and his work because some of the games you may like are also co-developed by Iwata and the reason you dislike Nintendo should be because of Miyamoto having too much gimmick/casual influence on the company and made some ass backwards calls in the past. Iwata is only a figurehead while Miyamoto like the main head dude calling the shots and that’s why the company’s rep was about to be in the toilet. So fuck off with that “shit on his grave” bullshit…and over a fucking video game.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||It’s fascinating that Nintendo enemies of the past are supporting us more than our so called allies like Capconians, I will get Doom and give the Bethesdians a chance to prove themselves not only presently but in the future as well…||

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