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Resident Evil: Revelations 1 And 2 On Nintendo Switch Features 8-bit Minigames

Capcom has revealed that both Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch feature some fun retro style 8-bit mini games. Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2 are destined to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 28th and here’s the all-important mini game details:

“The first, Ghost Ship Panic, comes with Resident Evil: Revelations, and is a score attack shoot-em-up. This mode is a loading screen minigame that tasks the player with shooting a variety of Ooze, Rachel Ooze, and Scagdead enemies using an on-screen cursor. As players kill hordes of enemies they can chain combos of kills to earn BP for use in the Raid mode. It’s quite reminiscent of those old school light-gun games.”

“The second is a throwback to the classic Ghouls ‘n Ghosts in form of the minigame Ghouls ‘n Homunculi. This time around the player controls Barry Burton (not Arthur) as he makes his way through the pixel-based platform game. Just like in the original Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Barry Burton loses an item of clothing with each hit taken.”


44 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations 1 And 2 On Nintendo Switch Features 8-bit Minigames”

  1. 1. Don’t care for those crap mini games I obviously won’t touch and 2. WHERE THE HELL IS RESIDENT EVIL 7?! You asked for more RAM for it and yet, still dicking around false claims of support like Ubisoft/EA/Activision. Man Bethdesa is putting all of you bastards to shame.

        1. I didn’t bought Ultra Street Fighter II because there are many other games.

          Resident Evil isn’t a game that I’m interested. So they have to wait years to see my money.

          1. I didn’t buy it because I already played it 22 years ago before I got the N64 and Ultra SF4 was right fucking there for the right port to get fans into but nope. Let’s port and overprice this SNES game that would more than likely be on Switch’s eShop VC section for $8 eventually anyway.

            I’m amused of RE7 for actually bringing back horror but I feel that it had to make some cuts like Mercenaries Mode which I appreciate RE4 for and RE6 for bringing in so much content. Kinda makes me hope for RE4/5/6 HD remakes on the Switch instead.

              1. I would care less about Outlast. The last time I played one of those games was Dead Island 1 and that game bored me to sleep. I enjoy RE5 more than that game.

                That reminds me, is there gonna be a Marvel Vs. Capcom 4: Infinite on the Switch? It seriously can’t be that hard to port/run that game on Switch knowing that Smash Bros. 4 on Pii U handled a lot more on screen.

            1. RE7 wasn’t the glorious game everyone’s making it out to be.
              I’ve sat down with my friend when he played through it and was left unimpressed by it.

              I’d much prefer that Capcom revive the Megaman Legends franchise.
              They need to finish that up proper or it’s just never going to feel right…

            1. And useless. If I want mini games, I buy a party game for it, not a horror game. This is a joke for Capcom’s incentive to buy a last gen port instead of the one game many fans wanted: Resident Evil 7. We’re getting Doom and Wolfenstein 2 for fuck’s sake.

              1. Yeah, I can understand that. Personally I’m not broken up about it cause I like Revelations 1 more than RE7, and I just played 7 this year, so these minigames are pretty much just a fun extra for a game I really like.
                And I think if Capcom is going to support the Switch then you’ll have better luck seeing those games next year.

                1. They say it’s just a harmless bonus but WHO FUCKING ASKED FOR THESE? We want RE7 but are they delivering? No and how messed up since they asked Nintendo to put in more RAM into the Switch. They did what they asked and never do what we ask for fuck them and their lazy ass ports. We’re getting Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and Hollow anyway so good riddance. Also, let’s start praying GTA5 and Overwatch comes to the Switch. Let the other selfish jackass 3rd party stooges lose out on their obvious goldmine opportunity to leave a better impression for the long run of the Switch’s life.

                  1. Ok the fact that RE7 was considered on the Switch, I readed somewhere, but it can probably be only Resident Evil Reveletion (Or something) so RE7 was never considered to the Switch.

                    About Overwatch, after the update of today, if Nintendo will keep upgrading the Switch correctly we can probably speak with our headset through the Switch itself and with this it can be more logical to Blizzard to bring the game.

                    In summary, I don’t care about Capcom (I care for Megaman) but I’m just curious to see what’s next.

                    1. “Never considered for the Switch” which is horseshit because Capcom requested more RAM specifically for it. Eh, whatever.

                      If they can allow BT headsets, then it’s a done deal for Overwatch multiplayer to thrive. As for tablet mode, headphone port is there as well.

                      Capcom can fuck off. Megaman Legends 3, RE4-7 on Switch or there’s no deal.

                          1. Yeah I was so sad about the failure of Mighty No.9

                            I played Mighty Gunvolt Burst and I freaking love it. That game is what Mighty No.9 shoulded to be from the beginning

                            1. Gunvolt is a much better Megaman successor. It’s no mystery why Inafune wanted Mighty’s flopping ass in the game for a crossover. lol

                              Also, thank God I pulled my donation for Mighty No. 9 the second I knew something was off. I took it and gave to Shantae 4 Kickstarter.

                                1. I wouldn’t bother. The first game didn’t leave much of a good impression to me. I have it and played it. Put it down after the first 38 minutes. Maybe it didn’t age well and as for the second one, let’s just say I’m glad I got it for free on iOS (full ad free version) because that shit was over before I knew it plus the shitty map feature didn’t help one bit. 3rd is THE definitive game, no question.

                                  1. I will play the third game after I played the first 2 games. I found the first one interesting. I played for 4 hours the day when I bought the first one.

                                      1. I cannot say for now what I love about the third game of Shantae because I haven’t played it. I can say that the first game gived to me a good impression (even if it’s only a GBC game) but as a platform game it’s really nice and the character transformation let the game be more interesting of how you can proceed in the game. That’s what it gives to me the game now.

                                        1. If only they release it on GBA…also, transformations can get boring after a while. Maybe great for exploration but it’s nowhere near as cool as Samus Aran’s power suit upgrades.

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