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Nintendo Switch Supports Nintendo GameCube Controller With Adapter In Latest Update

The Nintendo Switch recently had a huge update in the form of Version 4.0. What wasn’t made clear is this update actually allows the Nintendo Switch to support GameCube controllers via the adapter. The news was discovered by Twitter user Master Mewking and was put to the test by GameXplain. You can use the GameCube controller with all Nintendo Switch games right now using the adapter. Could it be that the GameCube Virtual Console, which has been rumoured for a while, is on its way?

“The GameCube Controller Adapter now works on the Nintendo Switch thanks to a secret feature in the 4.0 update–and it works with ALL of the Switch games! Could this mean GCN Virtual Console might be on the way…or Super Smash Bros. Switch?! Who knows, but we demonstrate how the Wii U USB controller adapter works so you can try it for yourselves!”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Supports Nintendo GameCube Controller With Adapter In Latest Update”

  1. So the Gamecube controller adapter works with the SWITCH now.

    …i wonder what possibly could Nintendo be thinking for adfing this function?

    A certain all out 4 player fighting game? What’s it called? *Mighty Clash Cousins? Lol

  2. I love the big N but they should focus on bringing us proper voice chat, that’s when I’ll be happy. This is great news for people who love Smash. I don’t. Why would I otherwise used an old controller 4 generations later on the hottest system on the market when the Switch pro controller is king? If they are fiddling with old controllers on the system, let me use my Wii U pro controller. The upper right analogue was my dream come true. But they had to change it again for Switch… anyway! lol…

  3. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

    Hm. Interesting. Do these come in wireless by any chance? I love the GCN controller but I’d rather not go back to the days of being wired to the system. I quite like having wireless controllers with the ability to hook them up to wall outlets using USB connectors. Of course, this question is moot if GCN VC doesn’t happen.

    1. Yeah it had a first party one called the Wavebird, referencing the GC’s Dolphin codename during development. It was actually a big deal, because it used RF and then 2.4 instead of infrared. The other consoles at the time only had third party options.

  4. I was never able to get the official adapter but I was able to get the generic one, I think the company was called mayflash or something like that. I wonder if that will work too 🤔🤔🤔

  5. This news yesterday actually surprised me. Great way to revive the GameCube support completely unlike Pii U’s obligatory “Smash only” GameCube support. Now it’s universal and I hope this signals the inevitable GameCube VC.

  6. A round of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with this controller will ultimately feel like the 2000s all over again. Please for God’s sake have GameCube VC on the horizon, SSBM will be the closest thing to a new Smash Bros. on Switch. Don’t forget Paper Mario 2 as well.

  7. Well I guess I finally have a reason to get it now. Never thought I’d get one For Wii U because I knew I wouldnt be playing it much longer after I got my hands on the switch

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