8-bit Super Mario Stickers Now Available For iMessage

Apple have had a number of Mario themed stickers for their messaging platform iMessage and now they’ve added a few more to the mix in celebration of Super Mario Odyssey. You now download the 8-Bit Mario stickers now and they are available here.

Not only that, but Mario’s staunch ally from the Super Mario Odyssey game is here! Tip your hat to Cappy!

Power up your messages with stickers of great Mario memories, both familiar and new!

Now available: stickers of Mario in his original pixel form, and famous scenes from Super Mario Bros. for NES!


Thanks to Larsen for the tip!



  1. $2? For 8-bit Mario stickers? Are you fucking serious? I get 2 tries on Nintendo Badge Arcade PER DAY FOR FREE to get the same shit for customizing my 3DS. GTFO

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