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GameStop Announces Play Pass: $60 For Six Month Used Rentals And Keep A Game At The End

GameStop is aggressively pushing used games and this time they come up with a new plan. The company is launching a subscription plan called Play Pass. The new service allows you to rent used games from the company for six months for $60. At the end of your rental period you can keep your last game.




  1. This… is actually pretty cool. Especially if you time it so your last game is an expensive game (like Melee).

  2. If they can make the 6-month buy in stick, this is a brilliant move for them. Very few subscription services can make minimum buy ins stick, but GS has the cost of 1 new game to compare it to, so they could pull this off.

  3. This…actually might not be so bad. It is the price of one game after all, and there are quite a few used games I wouldn’t mind playing, but potentially don’t want to keep. Instead of buying one used, just get this plan instead. Plus the perk of keeping the last one doesn’t sound bad either. I might…actually want this. Gasp!

    1. I guess if you time the rental just right, you can keep the game you want after this subscription ends. I say it’s a good compromise for a somewhat hefty subcription price in short term. Then again, GameFly isn’t better either. Also, this is more convenient than GameFly.

  4. Just when I was going to turn down their Elite Pro membership because all it does is double the credit per game and point per purchase, this is actually a much better service.

  5. This isn’t a bad idea, but somehow Gamestop is gonna ruin it sooner or later by forcing their employees to throw this plan into every customer’s face. I’m the type of gamer who knows what games he wants the moment I step into a store and I won’t be persuaded into spending money on anything else.

    1. lol how is that ruining it? They’re letting you know about it because you know god dam well if they don’t tell you you’d be too slow to realize r yourself. In fact all customers are like that, they can’t even read why used games have a second price under the regular price. Your personal bias is evident, just because you don’t like the way they work doesn’t mean that they should stop doing their job for you. Making sure the customer knows what they can get, and doing your job doesn’t translate to “ruining it”

      1. I think he’s speaking in terms of how some employees bring up the matter multiple times while you are still in the store. It’s one thing when an employee tells you about it when you first walk into the store or when you are checking out and leaving. It’s another thing entirely to bring it up every few minutes that the customer is in the store.

  6. Interesting to see someone throw their hat into the rental ring again. It might mean used purchases are going to be a bit more beat up though.Still, its the first time Gamestop has done something to one up Best Buy or Amazon in some way.

  7. Interesting to see how this turns out. Will it be dependent upon what games they have in stock in the store? Only games I can see myself wanting to rent honestly are switch games and I doubt there’s very many of those in used format in GameStop’s near me

  8. This sounds like a way too good of deal. I wonder what kind of trick Gamestop is hiding up its sleeve.

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