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Reggie On Switch Software Release Schedule And Nintendo Taking Risks

Nintendo is well-known for doing things a little differently and it’s fair to say that this year has been a good year for Nintendo so far. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild helped to make the Switch launch back in March a resounding success and with the recently released Super Mario Odyssey, the Switch consumer base is growing rapidly. Tech Crunch got to speak with Reggie Fils-Aime recently where he spoke about how Nintendo takes risks and the fortunate development timings of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

“We were fortunate that Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was far along in its development. It could be that anchor title from a day-one launch perspective. And then to have Super Mario Odyssey as the key game going into the holiday. It was, on one hand, quite well planned. But the other piece is that it always comes down to the development schedule.”

On Nintendo taking risks:

“We are a company that always takes chances. We are fortunate in that often times those chances and risks win in the marketplace, but sometimes they don’t. But at its heart, we believe in differentiated experiences.”



  1. This is hardly a newsworthy titled article.
    Just another fluff article to hit a quota?
    Reggie has always said this.
    Not worth my time.
    Put some passion back into it.

  2. But for the next console I hope they will stay conservative doing just a Nintendo Switch 2, because they finally it the target this time, while before they missed a lot. They should build their economy on good ideas.

    1. The next console needs to be like a GameCube 2, just a basic no gimmicks console that’s like 2x the power of the X … I miss the cube so much :(

        1. And with the GC VC looming, why need a second one? The Switch set the new standard for portable AAA Home console gaming that even the mobile phones could never achieve in 10 years.

          1. What I would like in the new update that’s NOT 1.2 YEARS AWAY LIKE PS4/XB1; is Tegra X2, improved battery with triple playtime, fast charge, relocation USB-C to the top, add 8-12MP camera w/front, Streetpass (for god’s sake, please do it to give it more portable purpose), KILL THE AMIIBOS…, change the dock design drastically like Nyko only add the LAN port and enhance gaming performance for 2K (fuck 4K), increase internal storage to 128GB, built-in microphone, get rid of the IR on the JoyCons because it’s pointless, increase Switch screen size (up to 6.5-7 inches) and resolution to 1080p, increase the device size a bit to tailor a larger JoyCon size to resolve the issue with big handed players.

                  1. Those extras are already the same contents locked in the game. If it were data in the figures and wasn’t priced so high for fucking cosmetics, then MAYBE I’ll forgive it. But it’s bullshit cash grab for the most IDIOTIC fans would swallow. I was stupid enough to think they were cool and had a purpose or maybe get a game that I can actually play with the fucking things. But nope. It’s all window dressing to think they have a stay in this already fucked up gaming market. They are solely a means to unlock cosmetic shit that’s in the game. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Intel is a dead route, it consume too much. It will still be ARM, maybe A72 with higher frequency and 2 generations NVidia post Pascal.
        This Switch with far more computational power and RAM. And even more juice for the battery (with no active fan).

      2. If there is ever a NEW Nintendo Switch, I hope it will use the Xavier Tegra SOC (Volta GPU)
        Also, an intel i7 would draw so much power, any portable mode would last for maybe 2 hours tops

        1. I never used a single product of Apple (But I don’t hate them)

          I think I used an old notebook with an AMD CPU. But I don’t remeber.

          I have used the Samsung Galaxy S2 for 2 years when there was already the Samsung Galaxy S5.

          I’m a bit late to follow tecnology these days.

  3. The second paragraph is just the same PR crap that Reggie almost always says. He’s become a broken record with that statement at this point. Anyway, I can’t wait for a true Legend of Zelda title built from the ground up for Switch since BotW is sadly just a Wii U game on the Switch. It’s basically another Twilight Princess in regards to being built from the ground up for a previous system & getting a quick port on the newer system. Meh; whatever.

    1. That’s why us BOTW users on Wii U have to put up with just a flashing message on the game pad instead of having it be used for something cool like the menus and map? It’s more than a quick port for Switch, they screwed up the Wii U version just so they could put it on their shiny new system.

      1. It’s still a quick port since they added nothing the Switch has to the Switch version of BotW. The time they wasted on removing the Gamepad features is most likely what held the game up & that time could have gone to adding Switch features instead.

    2. calling botw a wii u game on switch is a grave insult, it’s so much more than that. it’s perfectly functional and beautiful on the switch and I will laugh at every reason you can attempt to give me to play it on wii u over switch

      1. Well it is a Wii U game on the Switch. Just as Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game on the Wii. Sadly, BotW on the Wii U was gutted as it had it’s Gamepad features removed so it could be on par with the Switch version that added none of the Switch’s features to it. As I said above, the time wasted on removing the Wii U version’s Gamepad features could have gone to adding Switch features to the game on Switch. I’m not trying to convince you to play the game on Wii U since it’s nothing special on Wii U, but, the truth is, there is nothing special about the game on Switch, either. It’s basically like playing a game on PS4 Pro instead of PS4: only a slight update in quality, graphics, frame rate, etc. So go ahead & play it on the Switch if you want; I have & will again once the second DLC pack hits. Truth is, I hate the Wii U as it’s the worst Nintendo system ever for me.

      2. But make no mistake. Whether playing it on Wii U or Switch, Nintendo screwed us all as BotW could have been so much more on both systems, not to mention screwing the game itself from being even greater. We could have had a second screen experience on Wii U if we got it on that system, or we could have had optional motion controls far superior to Twilight Princess Wii & Skyward Sword along with HD Rumble if we got it on Switch.

  4. Off the subject, how long has the 3DS internet browser not been working? I got on my 3DS XL for the first time in over a year today because I was going to see if I could purchase something on eBay (since I can never do that on the Wii U Gamepad anymore). When I try to purchase something, I get this message: “The eBay mobile website is no longer supported on this device”. etc. etc. etc.

    Is the new 3DS XL this same way? I preordered the Super NES edition new 3DS XL on Amazon. But this sort of makes me feel like cancelling. Even though I shouldn’t base it on internet stuff. It just ticks me off that I don’t have any mobile device to rely on if my computer ever goes out. I don’t care about smartphones.

    1. The internet browser & eBay’s website both work fine on my n3DS XL. Can you get on any other sites using the internet browser?

      1. Yes, other sites seem to work okay from what I could tell. Even eBay loads and all (though it’s extremely slow compared to the Wii U’s browser). But whenever I click on an item, I get that message. Even on my Wii U browser, I used to buy things on eBay all the time. But suddenly, everything changed and I can never go to the final checkout screen to pay. Screwy things keep happening.

        1. Try clicking the box that says “Request mobile sites.” If that’s already clicked, unclick it. If neither resolves your issue, try deleting the cookies. If even that doesn’t work, reset the save data of the internet browser. If you’ve already tried these & they failed, and if you don’t mind risking the off-chance that you might get it back in worse shape or they lose any save data you have stored on it, you might have to call Nintendo so you can send it in & let them fix it.

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