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There Will Be No Pre-Release Review Codes For Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces releases in about a week, but it looks like reviews won’t be releasing with it. This is because, according to IGN’s Executive Editor of Reviews, word has been sent that announced that there will not be pre-release review codes for Sonic Forces. Because of this, IGN will not have a review up at the game’s launch. The news was confirmed on Twitter, so we’ve included the tweet down below:



  1. To be honest I think this is a pretty smart move on SEGA’s part. Apparently the street date on Forces has already been broken, so they’re probably trying to keep spoilers to a minimum. I’d probably do the same if I were in there position.

  2. In the industry, 99% of the decision to release early review copies is based on the reviews the publisher expects to see. Confident companies welcome early reviews. When you know you’ve got crap, you try to capture as many preorders as you can before the reviews hit.

      1. Right, an outlier. Bethesda as a whole stopped review copies. They stated: “We sent review copies to arrive the day before launch, which led to speculation about the quality of the game. Since then Doom has emerged as a critical and commercial hit, and is now one of the highest-rated shooters of the past few years.” Bethesda’s weird. They never really gave a strong reason for this change, and I worry that offending the gaming media seems to have affected sales of their lesser known IPs (Prey and Wolfenstein II have sold pretty terribly). Bad news when this is one of the last major publishers focusing on strong singleplayer only content. I hope their reason isn’t something as cynical as making the change in policy on a strong title so they can later release mediocre games and still capture preorders.

  3. As someone in the games press industry. I did over the last few days send in my request for it… I should have taken the hint when they said they’d update me on November 7th… The day of the game’s release. Oh well, I’m expecting good things. From what i have experienced in the demo it’s not the rush job that was Sonic Boom and Sonic the Hedgehog

        1. Not exactly a fan game but it’s made by fans for fans. It’s really sad that a fan-crafted game is praised and sold more than any other Sonic game Sega dishes out in years. Saying that Sega needs to step up and stop trying so much on changing so soon or irrelevant while playing safe as well.

      1. You said it alot better than I did @thestrangablog . On a side note I like mania better than the originals for some reason…

    1. Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, Adventure 2, and Generations were good. I can’t see how you can really honestly call them bad by their own era’s standards. Really, I just don’t see Sega trying very hard anymore. They don’t need to seel a system with the strength of their Sonic game anymore so…..series fans and kids are fine and it’s not worth trying much harder than that.

      1. Personally IGN was very blind in that video.

        I love most of the Sonic games and I’m not saying that Sonic is bad. I love to play Sonic games but for now I can’t because there are many games on the Switch that I want but I can’t take because every game costs around 40-50-60$. Think about this month there is:
        – Sonic Forces
        – Doom
        – Rocket League

        3 games and I cannot afford a single one.

        But returning on the Sonic argument, I didn’t play all Sonic games but most of them are good.

  4. That’s not a good sign… I’m still getting it on Switch when it releases, but I’m a bit worried now.

    Speaking of, it comes out in a week, yet it’s nowhere to be found on the Switch eShop, not even on the “Coming Soon” tab. Yet it’s got a page on Steam. Anyone else find that strange?

    1. Fire Emblem Warriors had the same issue til like a week before release. I should know since I used the coming soon section earlier in the month & there was no FEW. SMO was there, though. -.-

  5. This makes me nervous. Worried the reviews will expose the game as shit & cause people to cancel their preorders, Sega? :/

    1. Gods, I hope it’s not bad- that would make this ANOTHER Sonic game that had a ton of potential and then somehow blew it all, like Lost World (I remember being excited for it, playing it, and then being sorely unimpressed and rather irritated).

  6. Well I’m purchasing regardless. Its 35 with Amazon prime. That is definitely worth the risk to me, if it was 60 I would be a little skeptical but it’s not. I’m not worried about getting my 35 dollars worth it looks good enough for me. But people have recently been hating on the game so this is definitely not going to sit well

  7. Yeah this doesn’t sound good at all for the quality of Sonic Forces. If Sega isn’t confident enough to let people review it before release and build hype then we know it’s going to be bad. Man I was really hoping they could make a good Sonic game again.

  8. Gee I wonder why…YOU LET THE GAME GET LEAKED OUT SMARTASS! Pretty much everyone is exposed to the game by now. The damage is done. Hope that the fanbase doesn’t deem it another 2006 disaster.

  9. Wow that’s not a good sign,I hope this game turns out good,I mean how could SEGA fuck up a sequel to Generations,that game was amazing.

    I’m still confident that the game will be fun,but this news kinda makes me nervous

  10. Let’s see:

    -Tails, Knuckles, and other notable characters exiled to the sidelines again.
    -One of the infamous P&G writers kept around and involved in the game’s script.
    -A blank slate custom character playable aside from the two Sonics, who doesn’t even speak (also not a permanent edition to the Sonic cast.
    -No Adveture engine, but the return of boost-to-win and pointless red rings.
    -The demo.

    Maybe after this game, a slew of Adventure-inspired Team Headcannon-like developers will come knocking on SEGA’s doors with 3D Sonic games closer to Sonic Adventure 3 than anything SEGA has/willing to put out lately.

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