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US: Super Mario Odyssey Becomes Nintendo’s Fastest-Selling Super Mario Game Ever

In just five days, the new Super Mario Odyssey video game for the Nintendo Switch system sold more than 1.1 million units in the U.S. alone. That makes it the fastest-selling Super Mario game ever in the U.S., surpassing the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game. Super Mario Odyssey is also the fastest-selling game so far for Nintendo Switch.

The game has already been enjoyed by well over a million people, and is likely to be enjoyed by many more, as those early players continue to spread their excitement for Mario. On, which aggregates scores from certain reviewers, for example, the game currently has a critical review average of 97, with 43 perfect scores. This makes Super Mario Odyssey the best-reviewed game on Metacritic for any system of the last three years, tied only with Nintendo Switch launch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“The public continues to respond positively to Mario’s latest adventure,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President and COO. “We’re also seeing sales momentum for Nintendo Switch thanks to an ever-growing catalog of games from large publishers and indie developers.”

Nintendo has increased supplies of Nintendo Switch to meet demand through the holidays. The total number of Nintendo Switch systems sold in the United States through the end of October now stands at more than 2.6 million

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  1. 2.6mil on the states, by the end of December the switch should be at 4-4.5mil in the USA alone, most consoles sell between 600k-1.2mil during that month alone.

  2. A shame many are ignoring the things wrong with BotW because of the big, open world. Much like how some ignored the things wrong with Twilight Princess because of the realistic graphics. *shrug*

    Anyway, Super Mario Odyssey is doing really well so that’s great. I hope it can live up to my lofty expectations.

      1. I know… BotW being changed to a dual release for Wii U & Switch definitely held the game back from being even greater. In a way, it’s Legend of Zelda’s Epic Mickey 2. That sequel to Epic Mickey was ruined the moment it went multi-platform. Hopefully a Zelda game built from the ground up for Switch will rectify the issues BotW has.

          1. No, I’m not. It’s Legend of Zelda’s version of Epic Mickey 2: the change to being a multi-platform release held it back from being truly great. If they made it as a Wii U timed exclusive, it could have added a wider variety of enemies (palette swaps don’t count), 100 or more quests added to the 80-100 already on it, more enemies to the dungeons, probably an extra dungeon or two, side stories featuring exclusive NPCs like in Majora’s Mask, a magic power that let’s Link summon a horse to him even if he left it on the other side of Hyrule, a 3rd set of collectibles aside from Spirit Orbs & Korok Seeds, & they could have left the Gamepad controls in the game. Maybe even added in some extra outfits. (I’m disappointed there wasn’t an outfit to go with the Royal Guard weapons, shield, & bow. Of course, that outfit should have been gold & purple instead of the black & purple that the Royal Guard gear was colored.) Then a year later, they could have released it on the Switch with Switch features like an option for motion controls & HD Rumble. Instead, they screwed the game so they could have a day 1 game for the Switch & gimp the Wii U version so people will be less likely to buy the game for Wii U instead of Switch. Whatever, though, as it’s too late now. Just have to be semi-happy with what some of us did get as many, like me, honestly don’t feel BotW is on par with some past Zelda games. Personally, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, & Majora’s Mask are all my top 3 Zelda games, so BotW doesn’t hold a candle to them no matter how much I love the biggest Hyrule yet, being able to climb anything, jump with the press of a button, & the voice acting. The negatives outweigh the positives for me, so I’d have to put BotW at #5 or #6. #4 is for Skyward Sword.

            But that’s just my opinion.

            1. You’re really crazy. Even when it was still a Wii U exclusive there was no indication that they wanted to do any of that outside of the gamepad controls.

              1. There’s no indication they didn’t want to do any of that, either. But Switch was in desperate need of a system seller at launch & Zelda was the best bet, so the delay, gimping, & porting came. Just a Wii U port with slightly better graphics & performance on the Switch. *shrug* But again, my opinion. To me, and some others, it’s just not the masterpiece many others believe it to be. (I also feel this game is another Twilight Princess, too. I had so much hype for that, as well, because of all the delays, but it is what it is.)

                1. After the failure that was the Wii U I don’t blame them for porting it. Notice how Skyward Sword wasn’t ported to be a launch Wii U game? That’s because the Wii was very successful.

                  And gimped is a matter of opinion. Playing anywhere is more than worth losing whatever the GamePad did at least to me.

                  1. Still, I’d rather have waited for a better Switch version down the road. (I guess I could still get that one day if I don’t mind paying twice for roughly the same game if they decide to make an enhanced version exclusive to Switch down the road. Or maybe it can be an extensive download which I don’t mind paying 20-30 bucks for if necessary.)

                    And the Gamepad features didn’t matter to me as I was never going to get it on Wii U, anyway. (Mostly speaking from the viewpoint of those that would have liked to have them when they bought the Wii U version.)

                    1. So what exactly is your argument then if you didn’t care about the Wii U version anyway? When cross gen ports like this happen there’s never a huge dramatic difference like this except for a few exceptions.

                    2. If I wasn’t taking the Wii U version into account, my argument would still be roughly the same, only more selfish. I would have said “fuck the Wii U version, cancel it, & just focus on the Switch version to give those of us wanting it for Switch a better game than what we got. The Wii U owners will just be shit out of luck.”

                    3. BUT I’m not the selfish gamer that I use to be, so the Wii U part is firmly established into my argument whether I care for that system or not as I’m not thinking of only me.

      2. Anyway, the second DLC pack needs to release soon so I can play the story expansion as the ending of the base game is pretty underwhelming for me.

      3. ” Hopefully a Zelda game built from the ground up for Switch will rectify the issues BotW has.”

        Since they weren’t technical errors, but design flaws, I can’t see why being only for Switch would hlep that. I also don’t see any world where Aonuma is involved with the series and I can’t list at least a handful of significant design flaws. The man’s hopelessly in love with design elements incompatible with the franchise.

        “like how some ignored the things wrong with Twilight Princess because of the realistic graphics.”

        What was “wrong” with Twilight Princess, *because* of the art style? Because I expect the answer is going to be “the problem wasn’t the art style”.

  3. I don’t care about sales numbers, but it’s nice to know there are a ton of people experiencing this masterpiece.

    It’s crazy how Nintendo released the best Zelda and Mario game in a single year. That’s just my opinion of course, but they are EXACTLY what I’ve wanted from the two series for a looong time. It’s really rare when you’re completely satisfied with a game. The Switch is quickly turning into my favorite Nintendo platform. Keep it up Nintendo. I’m excited for Xenoblade, Metroid Prime 4, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Pokemon, and whatever else you’re cooking.

    1. All in the same launch period of a new system that may redeem the company after their last pitiful Wii U Fallout. We also got Xenoblade, Fire Emblem even though that game is another Warriors reskin that also has a 3DS version for some strange reason and next year we’ll probably have Metroid Prime 4 to look forward too.

      1. Fire Emblem Warriors actually has quite a few unique traits taken from FE that make it different than a typical warriors game, I enjoy it a lot more than Hyrule Warriors. Plus the Switch version is by far the definitive way to play it, idk why they bothered with a n3DS version. I sure hope MP4 is next year, that’d be great!

    2. I’d argue that you should care, but not for the typical fanboy “my games are good cuz sales!” reason. Good sales means a company is more like to support a game or a certain idea in the future.

      For example, I’m excited for the sales of this game, since it means we are more likely to have open Mario games again. I loved Galaxy 1 and 2, but boy was it refreshing to have to actually search for rewards again.

      1. “For example, I’m excited for the sales of this game, since it means we are more likely to have open Mario games again. I loved Galaxy 1 and 2, but boy was it refreshing to have to actually search for rewards again.”

        Precisely why I’m not entirely happy with the success. I think it’s a clear cut worse direction for the series. Far more shallow gameplay, focusing on the novelty of wandering around each area rather than actually testing a skill of some kind.

      2. Which perfectly exemplifies my main point. Sales matter. How well a game sells will play a big role in the kind of games you will play in the future.

        Positive sales can easily lead to a negative reaction like yours. I worry about how well microtransaction filled multiplayer only games sell, because I worry such games will become the majority.

        Its interesting how the reverse can be true too. I (and I’m sure others) are glad Federation Force sold poorly. Fans didn’t want another game like that.

      3. That’s a fair point, I just don’t factor sales numbers into how I view a games success (like some fanboys or haters do). But if this means we’ll get another Mario like Odyssey, that’s great. But I’m also open to more experimentation. :)

      1. Since Galaxy under performed at Market, that’s not very hard. Galaxy is one of the lower performing main series Mario games and it did so on one of the most successful Nintendo platforms.

  4. Is this the only mainline Mario game ever to not be *at* launch, but a very short distance from it? It didn’t have to build the initial install base, but it benefits from the growth made since launch, and it’s also no released so late as to be sitting on a dead console (3D World). I guess Galaxy but Galaxy got its butt kicked by New Super Mario Wii. Looking at the totals, New Super Mario Wii sold more than Galaxy and Galaxy 2 combined, as 2D Mario is prone to doing against 3D Mario.

    Come to think of it, is this the first 3D Mario that’s an unqualified success? Every other one has vastly under performed at market.

  5. You know what’s frustrating though? People are still saying things like “Switch is only a compliment console” or “You need to own another system with Switch.” Even after all their success.

    1. They can go fuck off with that. Speaking of which, how is their PC tryhard boxes going? Even after 3 fucking updates in their first 3-4 years, it’s still not enough to overshadow PC’s superiority. They really should STFU about the Switch because that little bastard packs more power than they realize and can do what no on\their typical home console can do or offer: AAA home console experience on a portable level.

    2. So? It’s their opinion. Switch is definitely my complimentary console. To conserve money, I’m only getting exclusives on Switch with my PS4 for multi-platform games & the games Switch isn’t getting. I’m not paying over 150 bucks or more on Micro SD Cards containing 128gb-200gb when external HDDs containing 1tb-2tb are a lot cheaper. The days of Nintendo getting a pass from me & being my main gaming system died with the Wii U’s future in 2015.

      1. I don’t think he was arguing that the Switch couldn’t be a complimentary console. Rather, I think he was saying the Switch has enough games to stand on its own, and people should stop saying that the Switch’s ONLY value is as a complimentary console.

        Of course there are those that use the console as a secondary one such as yourself. However, there are plenty others who’s primary console is the Switch, such as myself.

        People should stop saying its only good as a secondary console, since for some it is and for some it isn’t.

        1. If that is what he meant, then I agree. Switch does have more than enough to stand on it’s own if the Switch is the only system someone wants.

      2. “The days of Nintendo getting a pass from me & being my main gaming system died with the Wii U’s future in 2015.”

        “Getting a pass” implies Nintendo is somehow dropping the ball and asking you to do them a favor. The only point you bring here that even vaguely resembles that is your HDD comparison. Is your argument that they should use old fashioned HDD’s on a portable system to increase storage?

        As far as I can see, if you have a PC with anything resembling a modern video card, the PS4 is helplessly, hopelessly relegated to an exclusives only machine. The Switch, in addition to having hard more exclusives, adds the benefit of portability. There’s actually a reason for me to buy Doom and Skyrim on the Switch which I already own on PC. My PS4 has been a dust collector for over a year.

        1. They are dropping the ball right now where I’m concerned. They’ve been dropping it since the days of the Wii. With Wii, it was lack of games I wanted as I only ended up with around 15-25 games on Wii. I spent more time on Netflix on Wii & on Gaia Online, a social media site, than I did on gaming. With Wii U, once again, a lack of games I wanted. Not to mention everything else Nintendo failed at with Wii U. And now the Switch: only 4 games (2 I already own (BotW & SMO), the one I want that’s already on the eShop (FEW), & the one that’s coming in December (XC2)) that interest me right now, features that should be on the system itself but are locked to a stupid smartphone app and I don’t use smartphones, lack of cloud saves, & lack of external HDD support.

          So yes. To answer your question, I do want “old fashioned” external HDD support to increase storage. (Old fashioned implies that it’s out of date & rarely used these days but external HDD support is still very much used on nearly every system these days BUT Switch right now & is going to continue to be used for awhile because it carries more data than Micro SD Cards for a much cheaper price.)

    1. Fastest selling in US and Europe and you compared a masterpiece with Knack 2? Knack 2 made people mad because it’s not what fans expected to see on a sequel.

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