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Famitsu: Here Are The Full Review Details For Sonic Forces

We already know that Sonic Forces received a very respectable review score of 35/40 from Japanese publication Famitsu not long ago but we now have the full reviews from each of the journalists who went hands-on with the title. You can check out what they thought of Sonic Forces for Nintendo Switch below:

1st reviewer: This Sonic is aimed for adults with a hype story that opens with a serious development and has allies and enemies throughout the series gathering. In addition to the hearty high-speed actions on both 3D stages where you go deep and 2D side-scrolling stages, this game has an exclusive fun factor with usage of weapons and a playthrough where you can switch between up to 3 characters. You can create an Avatar as the player’s personification, and it’s also nice that they can be freely customized. 9

2nd reviewer: The design that retains the deep replay value and challenges while catching up on the exhilarating and speedy feels are amazing, as it allows anyone to feel good when playing it. You can create your own personification with the Avatar, and having them fight together with Sonic also gives freshness; the actions that use Wispons are also interesting. In stages where Sonic and the Avatar work together, the W.Boost has a pleasant feel in the dash, and the lovely BGMs fit every place and will raise your tension. 9

3rd reviewer: The dramatic [story] development is nice, since it once again recognizes the coolness of Sonic. The gimmicks that have excellent speedy feels, and the smooth transition from 3D to side-scrolling is also cool. Even in the same area, when the characters and gimmicks change you will feel a different sensation in playing it. With the Avatar-exclusive weapons you can taste the exhilaration of mowing enemies, and the tricky movement abilities are also interesting. There is also a variation of costumes. For the Classic Sonic, being able to use the Dash that originated from Sonic Mania is also nice. 9

4th reviewer: By implementing the Avatar Character, it has an uniqueness which is enjoying special movement and attack methods that Sonic doesn’t have. You can taste a sensation of playing [the game] that’s different from the past series, and the gameplay breadth also got larger. This game has an impression of getting closer to a straight high-speed action, and you can fully feel the exhilaration even more easily. I don’t deny Sonic’s uniqueness of “becoming complicated due to getting too fast,” but this game is well done to tightly stuff in strategy with the epitome of action. 8



      1. It’s better than Super Sonic: Lost Galaxy/World (because it tried too hard to be like Mario) But as far as I know from the leaks, they still manage to drop the ball a few times.

        1. I hope Sonic gets his Super Mario Odyssey (return to Adventure form/greatest 3D Sonic game of all time, just like how Mario returned to 64/Sunshine).

  1. Wasn’t there a demo out on some systems’ digital stores already?

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