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Here’s The Rocket League For Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

We haven’t got long now until Rocket League is on the Nintendo Switch as the popular game launches on the eShop on November 14th. No doubt many of you who haven’t experienced are in for a bunch of fun. Check out the launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch edition of the game below.


      1. Still lasts longer than fucking Splatoon matches. 3 minutes ain’t enough time to do anything but scramble due to having inept team mates not filling in their territories.

  1. I still don’t understand why they downgraded the graphics so much. It wasn’t a very demanding game to begin with. Even Breath of the Wild has realistic grass and that’s just a Wii U game!

    1. There are so many things under the hood we are not aware of. If they did it, it was needed. What’s important is that’s not an unpleasant experience. Breath of the Wild is a completely different game.

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