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It Seems As Though Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC 2 Will Be Coming In December

We know that the second batch of downloadable content for the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is heading to the Nintendo Switch and Wii U this year. Well, it appears as though the Champions Ballad will be coming sometime in December and not the end of November as some expected. No doubt we will hear more about it soonish.


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  1. ||It has been known ever since you could buy both parts of the DLC at once months ago…||

    ||At least in my unique Switch it has always been so…||

      1. ||It is also presented as such on the eShop page itself, but since I have a Commander Switch and the rest have a normal one, it is logical to state that they should be oblivious to that information…||

  2. I’m pretty sure I read a date back along as 31 Dec. No rush I’ve still got tons to do on this game

  3. I still wish there was a New Game+ for BotW so I could restart the game with all the armor I collected from my first play-through. Especially the armor from the amiibo so I don’t have to fight with them again since the drops are totally random.

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