Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft: Nintendo Switch Accounted For 19% Of Q2 Software Sales

One of the many companies that has pledged to develop games for the Nintendo Switch is Ubisoft. The publisher and developer have released a number of games on the platform including the excellent Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It should therefore come as no surprise to hear that they’ve performed well on the platform. In fact, Nintendo Switch games accounted for 19 percent of their Q2 software sales. This should reinforce their involvement on the platform.


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      1. Ooh, I’d LOVE to see that. Nintendo probably isnt to keen on making their own Star Fox and for all the stuff Ubisoft gets thrown at it… Ubisoft seems to respect Nintendo’s IPs.
        I think they could make a mainline Star Fox game seeing how the series is in a bad place right now. I could see how a multiplayer mode could be good under Ubisoft’s lead as well…


      1. Raving Rabbids shouldn’t have come back and all I see is Just Dance garbage. I wouldn’t give them another 5 fucking seconds to beg for forgiveness and support by giving us the one painful reminder of why we hate them and that’s Rayman Legends which this port is still an incomplete crap.


      2. In their defense the wii U bombed and everyone had reservation about how the switch would do. I don’t think it is not a matter of if they bring AAA games but when. I’m more concerned about the quality of them than anything.


      1. Steep? lol If I wanted a gimped Far Cry 4 taking place only at Mt. Everest, I would’ve asked for that or better yet, another SSX game that you can free roam Mt. Everest and snowboard to your heart’s content.


    1. Ubisoft worked closely with Nintendo to bring us a new, original Mario game which was well received by fans and critics and you say they shouldn’t have done it? What other major third parties are giving us new, exclusive content right now?


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