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Video: Here’s What DOOM Looks Like On Switch Compared To PS4, Xbox One & PC

DOOM for Nintendo Switch arrives on Nintendo’s latest console in just a few days on November 10. The title has already been out on other platforms for quite some time now but we’ll finally be able to dive into the brutal world of DOOM on the go very soon. If you’re wondering how the Switch version of the game fares against the likes of PS4, Xbox One and PC then check out the comparison video below, thanks to YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits.

You can see a notable difference, however, I personally feel the Switch version is still looking pretty good. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Wow. That difference is so small. Its awesome how much they were able to keep! It definitely looks the best on PC. But I’d never buy an Xbox or ps4 just so I can have it look a little prettier.

      1. I notice the difference, maybe it’s just that my care level for how great the graphics are isn’t huge, so the difference doesn’t bother me. I’m just impressed by how well they got the game to turn out!

      2. The first comment was completely truthful and realistic, there was just a misunderstanding from where I was coming from, hence the explanation. Call me a fanboy if you will, but I’ve followed Nintendo my whole life, because I appreciate their clean content and dedication to families. And their games are lots of fun! I’ve played play station and Xbox, and I even bought a 360 and an Xbox one, but the games didn’t have the same pull for me. I’m a different case, though, as I don’t like to play M rated games. Just not my fancy. And that was the majority of what I could find on Xbox. Hence, the “fanboyism” or whatever you’d call it. Just remember that not everyone is a 12 year old who doesn’t know what they are talking about it. I’ve seen it all and I still enjoy Nintendo the most.

  2. Honestly the only way to tell a difference is to do these side by side comparisons. Main difference is just resolution but polygon counts look pretty close throughout. Awesome job man I’ll be getting this when it comes out for sure!

  3. Yup looks great and on the tiny handheld it will look even better. Can’t speak for TV mode but hey why buy on switch if your going to be worrying about how it looks on TV

  4. Can’t wait for this. Friday, kids in bed, wife in bed ( hopefully ), lights out and kick some demon ass!!

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      1. Yeah, the campaign was really short and some of the Avatar levels weren’t that fun either and I wish that Infinite did a lot more in the story, he had so much potential as a character. Other than that, it honestly wasn’t as bad as some reviewers say it is. The modern and classic Sonic stages, in my opinion, are really good and the graphics are nice to look at and of course the music is fantastic as usual and Sonic games never really had great stories, so I wasn’t expecting much; the story does take itself too seriously at times, though. Overall, it was a short and enjoyable experience and after the train wreck that was Sonic Boom, I was just glad to see modern Sonic in a good game again.

        I’d give it a 7/10

        1. The plot is rushed, Sega ruined Infinite from its BS “motivation” to turn evil which is very unnecessary/stupid but his boss fights are pathetic for a so called “powerful villain who can wipe shit out in an instant” but his resolve is more anti-climatic/insulting than Deadly Six. The OC controls are off, lock on is more of a distraction since you have to look at the target to hit it instead of being near it, no Chaos/Shadow boss fights, only play Shadow for 3 short ass levels which are the same as Sonic’s and speaking of which, all characters control/move exactly like him with slight variations that are almost non-existent. Background characters are useless and hardly did shit in the story plus the story itself is just another Eggman vs. Sonic plot. Oh yeah and I hate this Sonic’s voice acting and script. He’s too over the top and jolly when A. He gets his ass kicked without trying to fight back B. Gets captured alive for some fucking reason by Eggman instead of KILLING HIM AGAIN but he later argues at Infinite for sparing him…HELLO?! YOU LITERALLY DID THAT THE FIRST 3 FUCKING MINUTES OF THE GAME! And C. All hell is breaking loose around him and all he does is stupid ass unfunny joke after another. This is exactly why I want Ryan Drummond to come back to voice Sonic. Hell, Jaleel White or Jason Griffin will do better than him. Let his corky ass stay in Boom where his unhumorous self can feel more comfortable. I thought he improved from Boom cartoon series but fuck me. He’s always terrible doing the main Sonic characterization.

        1. xD Don’t bet on it. Michael has made comments like these to Quadraxis dozens of times. This has been going on 2 years now if not more. Me thinks he don’t like role players at all.

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          1. Lmao what are you on kid? My leader? The hell are you on about lol. I own almost all the consoles and a PC, your comments are idiotic and childish, not to mention you’re an obvious fanboy. You seriously need some better material. Just because someone doesn’t blindly follow Nintendo and praise them doesn’t make them a fanboy. I grew up with Nintendo, these kids have weren’t even alive when the NES was around lol.

            This website is so full of fanboys it’s pathetic… a literal echo chamber of ass kissing and blind loyalty. How very sad it’s come to this, at least not every website has gotten this bad.

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      1. Geo Gaming, I agree with you about the fanboys on the site. Commander is not a bad guy. It’s his character (the whole Xbot thing and weapons and all that). You have to get used to it. I had a few arguments with him years ago, but then I realized he’s pretty chill and just stays in character. I’ve personally never seen him break character. I may not always agree with him, but we’ve both come to an understanding and respect each other. Some of the other commenters on here however, they can use a lesson in civility and respecting other people’s opinions. Even the slightest of negatives against Nintendo, and they’ll swarm on you and white knight like there’s no tomorrow.

        1. *goes to name a few but stops self* Nah. I don’t feel like crushing the little bugs today. Maybe another time when I’m not feeling like shit from what I assume is acute bronchitis. Damn these human viruses.

      2. Seriously Nintendo fanboy douchebag Quadraxis.. shut… the fuck.. UP!
        The fanboy bullshit with you is an issue with this industry.
        Even the heads of all these divisions have said how much they dislike the fanboy garbage and how it’s bad for gaming..
        Yet you keep going with it.. you’re no better than the ones you preach against..
        Stop being a fanboy loser troll ass hat, and just be a gamer!

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      1. At 720p it’s definitely the worst visual version, but beyond that, 30fps? In a doom game? That’s just awful… doom is all about speed and fast paced action. While 720p and blurry texture may be passable, the 30fps lock is just in another world in terms of degraded gameplay. I can’t imagine what that must feel like playing after enjoying the game at 60fps, and I even own a Switch. But I’d never go for this, or defend it. Basically the only positive from this is that it exists at all on the device.

      2. @Geo gaming you clearly do not even know how doom started on consoles.The first games ran at 20fps tops and hovered around 12 fps so yeah a consistent 30fps on a tablet that has visuals that look nearly identical to Xbox one version is incredible if you ask me.

        1. Doom didn’t start on consoles… boy these kids are young… I was talking about the brand, the spinoffs etc.

    1. You’d have to be an idiot if you think that the Switch version is that bad. Also, you’d have to be brain dead to think that the Switch version should be/could be as good as the others. I have a high end PC that I play most of my games in 4k on and I’ll still be picking this up for Switch. Some of us have lives and can’t stay tethered to a TV/monitor all the time.

      1. nintendroidblog It makes perfect sense. I have friends and like go out a lot. Sometimes I bring the Switch with me sometimes I don’t. It’s real nice being able to when I want to though. At least I’m not a loser living in his moms basement with no friends trolling forums just for the companionship…

      2. Rule #1

        …..never argue with a Graphics Whore! They’re literally blind & mentally delusional. In their eyes the DOOM ON SWITCH looks like the N64’s SIN & PUNISHMENT. Lmao

  6. Yeah it’s not as good compared to the others but it’s not some huge leap which is pretty impressive.

  7. Looks fine to me, I expect the system to be pushed, what I don’t expect is something spectacular from a system that’s not meant to push the boundaries of what a system can graphically produce.

    But honestly it looks fine to me. I hope it does well. I’m excited to see how Skyrim sells on Switch.

  8. Im convinced. Ill buy it even though I have it on ps4 gotta love that nintendo is getting decent ports haven’t seen doom on a nintendo system since the nintendo 64.

  9. It looks very good for a system running the Tegra K1. Devs deserve a pat on the back on this one. I have it on PC but will definitely get it for the switch this Friday for the portable experience.

  10. Wow. The difference are kinda minor and that’s fucking impressive for the Switch to pull off. And those twats say it’s too weak to handle games like this. BOOM. You’ve been proven wrong…AGAIN.

  11. Best to worst: PC, PS4, & a tie between Switch & Xbox One as I can’t really tell the difference as they both look muddy/blurry to me.

    1. So PS4 is the worse version compare to PC while Switch, for its current design/format, looks damn impressive compare to the 800p Xbox One with Double RAM and faster speed. Wow.

  12. Switch and Xbox One look fairly comparable. The PS4 is quite a bit better and the PC blows them all away. Each step is a decent leap, but very happy with how well this turned out on much smaller hardware.

  13. For THE SWITCHES capabilities it sure look great to me. As far as this argument goes, I expect DOOM to look better on home based devices. (PC, Xbox & PlayStation) they are high end consoles on extremely high end televisions (4K ready? I believe?) Whether DOOM is a 4K game or not, it looks really good on The SWITCH. A must get for some “DOOM ON THE GO!”


  14. To say that is the best looking game on Switch would be an understatement. This is why the Switch is scaring me. I bought it as the 3DS successor. I’ve gone from playing these simple pick up and play games to these huge cinematic games and it is affecting me psychologically. I had a DS and Wii but I was still aware of the “issues” 360 was having at the time with disc space. So if you’d have told me back then that Nintendo would have a handheld 6 years from now which has cartridges big enough to hold all of that one game I would have laughed all the way down the road (although R* didn’t pay up for the bigger cartridge).

    And this is just 8 months into it’s life. Just think what it will be capable of 4 years from now. And before anyone says that is the best Switch can do the same thing was said about Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS and they were proven very, very wrong indeed.

    Nintendo have given a very conflicting message with this thing. Switch seems to be “keeping” the promises Sony made with Vita without making the promises in the first place. Its shocked my head so much I am struggling to get used to this system unlike any system I’ve played in the past. In my view Switch definitely has to be the most technologically advanced system Nintendo have ever put out and I thoroughly believe that is Sony made a new handheld the difference in graphics would be nowhere near as noticeable as they were on DS – PSP or 3DS – Vita. Even if it is using weaker technology Nintendo have never put out a system like this.

      1. 1. I loved the Wii U and its exclusives.
        2. I hope you aren’t falling for that “Switch is not replacing 3DS” line.

        It is the 3DS successor. They just won’t say it because 3DS is still selling.

        1. 1. Pii U is more like it and YUCK!
          2. Of course I’m not and the belief you’re shoving up my ass. Switch is not the 3DS successor and it’s already clarified that Switch is a combination of ALL HOME CONSOLES…keywords “HOME CONSOLE’ which the 3DS isn’t. Smartass.

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