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Here’s the First 50 Minutes Of DOOM Running On Nintendo Switch

DOOM on Nintendo Switch footage and reviews have started rolling in and the game appears to be shaping up rather nicely. Our review will be coming soon, but for the time being YouTuber Tilmen has received the game and has published 50 minutes of brutal action and violence. You can check it out running on Nintendo Switch and captured by Elgato HD 60 PRO, below.


  1. It looks Terrific, don´t understand how people is bashing it because it´s resolution, Battlefront 1 for the Xbox One is also 720p. people… it´s DOOM on a tablet, and it looks really good. this and Hollow are going to be my METROID PRIME 4 warm up.

      1. Sounds like another Sony Pony on attack force to bash the system for having more fun and potential than you awkward ass looking Blu-Ray box pretending to be a PC.

      2. Did you know that the Xbox one version of Doom isn’t 1080p all the time?, that almost always is under 900p and have drop of over 15 fps reaching a 40fps in some cases… DOOM IS A DEMANDING GAME. Play it how you like it the most, i am happy playing it anywhere… By the way, since when is a must to have 60fps in every game? Is not like Xbox or PS4 are capable of that.

  2. It’s insanely impressive for a handheld. I like 60fps and all, but I’d imagine the difference between 30fps and 60fps isn’t as noticeable when actually playing the game. Frame drops are usually more noticeable, but considering that the game keeps 30fps for most of the time (besides when a lot is going on), I’m pretty satisfied with how this turned out.

    1. You can take a shitter and rip demons in half with chainsaw and plasma guns. :D Just wait until GTA5 happens on Switch. It’ll be all over for Xbox DOne and Lamestation 4 Hillbilly Bros.

  3. I’m getting this on Switch. I have a ps4 too but somehow this just feels special on Switch. Also doing it to thank Bethesda for thier hard work and commitment and giving the Switch a chance while everyone else is “waiting and seeing”

    And looking at this I’m not sacrificing much as this looks phenomenal and in handheld mode? Fah get about it ;)

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