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Sony Says It Has No Plans To Make A Nintendo Switch Competitor

Sony is doing well with the PlayStation 4 here in the west, but the Nintendo Switch is clearly making an impact with consumers. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House is happy with the direction they have taken and have no plans to make a system like the Switch.

“The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device, thus it has a completely different strategy from the PlayStation,” House said. “We are focusing our attention on making products that can be played in the living room. We do not see big potential in the handheld market.”

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    1. no they’re not, they’ve been saying this repeatedly since they killed off vita (two years after launch LUL), they know their strength lies within home consoles (even the fucking ps3 fell 30 million short of 100 million units), they know the vita flopped hard, they know western third parties dont give a rats ass about portable gaming, they know they wouldnt be able to make a more powerful mobile hardware than switch without compromising portability. they’re not making a switch copy, that’s a dumb wish from dumb console war warriors. their future is on home console with 4k/8k hdr ultra super duper graphics, not on portable gambles.

      1. Obviously they are despite what BS they say. They never thought of mimicking Wii Remotes, Nintendogs or Smash Bros. but they still fucking did it. The Switch is next in line of their list of plagiarisms.

  1. Nintendo owns the handheld game console market and they have for years. This is really the first time anyone has successfully done a hybrid home/portable console. I have major doubts that Sony could capitalize on a Vita 2… especially when the Vita failed worse than the Wii U

    1. Actually the Vita outsold the Wii U. The Vita was a good little machine, the Switch is a great one!

      1. There’s ZERO concrete proof that the vita outsold the wiiu as sony has not released any official numbers. but its estimated to have sold (worldwide ) either slightly less or slightly more than the wiiu

    2. Honestly i could see Microsoft making a windows 10/ Xbox portable like switch. But not till maybe next year or 2019. And its function would be different (no motion controls) and more PC like, probably support VR.
      I think by 2019 Nintendo will make a premium switch. 1080p OLED screen, and a 4K dock….maybe cameras 🤔

  2. Sony at E3 2018…

    Playstation Switch our Hybrid console.

    PS: It’s better they are focusing on the Home console so they can fight against Xbox instead of Nintendo.

    1. If they truly wanted to fight against Nintendo, they would want to make similar games. Nintendo’s innovation isn’t limited to just the hardware, their software is on the other side of the same coin.

        1. I always considered “Sony” games to be like Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Parappa The rapper, etc. Idk if those were made by third parties, but those just scream Sony to me. Nowadays their consoles feel nothing more than a third party machine.

    2. Microsoft is not even interested in xbox as a brand anymore. it’s all about monthly active users on xbox live, and getting their software out there. So fighting with Xbox doesnt even make sense anymore

      1. I don’t think so because with Xbox One X people will go after them for the power of the system.

        Basically Sony is in a bit of trouble because on one side there is Nintendo with their Hybrid console sells like bread of everyday and Microsoft with their powerful Xbox One X.

        1. Sony is not in a bit of trouble because PS4 is on pace with PS2, PSN is giving them most of the profits as well, so they’re healthier than they’ve ever been.

          Microsoft is in a transition place where they want to “transcend” this platform plane and be able to sell lots of software. They want to be platform-agnostic. XOX is also a premium product so it’s unlikely it’ll have legs like Switch and PS4. Good the XOX had a strong start in the UK, but that’s not the whole plan.

    3. Xbox 🎮 ❌ is outpacing play station, and with Xbox’s announcement of buying studios and investing in first party games (conker, banjo, perfect dark, blood wake, blinx, mech warrior, fable) , as well as a focus of putting windows apps on Xbox , and VR. I think Xbox was just lagging behind in content (i know right) but now that they are, their sales are really picking up. I feel like everyone that wanted a ps4 already has one and that’s why sales are slowing.

      Also Xbox and Nintendo are working together for cross play and Sony refuses to play along

      1. Annual PS4 sales have increased year over year since launch. If sales are slowing down, it’s not apparent yet.

        X1 sales might be picking up now (hard to tell without any solid numbers from MS), but it’ll likely make little difference. These consoles have been on the market for four years now. They’re on the home stretch. I think it took too long for Microsoft to get their act together.

      2. Well yes I read that new but I’m not interested about Xbox because I don’t have it and I don’t want it.

        I don’t spend too much time on games and the games I want to play are on the Nintendo Switch (also the concept of play on the go is really good to me).

        That’s why the I’m not interested on Xbox brand.
        the movement of Sony, about cross play, it’s strange.

                1. I know and worse of all, their resale/long-term value is terrible since they drop drastically fast because of their high premium pricing turning off a lot of customers.

  3. It might be because of X-box, that playstation is not competing with Nintendo!
    Hmm, then again.. what’s stopping them from making a next gen home console, and a next gen hybrid.
    If they both play the same games, the consumer would choose the power levels

    1. Yes it’s true. Many people will choose a console where there is power. If Sony is going to put an hybrid console with much more power than the Switch that it might be a problem to Nintendo.

    2. They could, but Sony isnt in a place were they can take a risk that huge. I mean, think about it, if both consoles fail, it would be a HUGE blow to the brand and the company. Specially now that the vita is flopping, PS VR not doing so hot, and Gaikai still not being what they thought it would be.

      I do however think that they have something in the works already, and had it not been for Ninty being so secretive about the switch, they wouldve had something already.

    3. I just think from a business perspective, there’s no reason for them to try competing with Nintendo. Sony’s in a good spot right now. Playstation is very successful as it is. There’s no realistic threat to its profitability. Why take any kind of risk competing with another gaming company when you can just keep doing what’s clearly working?

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  4. “Oh, and here’s our new console, the Playstation Portable Swap. It’s different from the Switch, because its Pleasure-Cons™ have pingpong balls attached to the end.”

    1. They were always salty about Nintendo. PS may be their worst nightmare on consoles (except the Wii beat the PS3 and DS ALMOST beaten PS2’s world record sales and DESTROYED the PSP) But Nintendo just knows how to counteract their strengths.

  5. I don’t care how many people on the internet throw Sony praise and say how they will dominate everything. After the promises they made with Vita they are going to have to convince a lot of people to trust them if they do a successor to Vita.

    I saw people on websites like NeoGAF and GameFAQs saying “you bought Vita expecting AAA games?” Erm yeah….. because that what Sony sold Vita on. Why journalists let them have a free pass after their terrible first party support is astounding to me. Only Jason from Kotaku ever called them out. The rest were just upset Reddit and YouTube users.

    1. THANK YOU!!!

      I used to defend the Vita, in its first year. When we actually got the tripple A games on the go that they promised, but after they dropped support, around the time that freedom wars released I just gave up hope. Not only did they lie about the tripple A support but also the whole playing online games on the go. All that ever ammounted to was checking leaderboards and using that stupid Near app over a 3G service that was more expensive than college tuition. 😑

      Wtf was that NEAR app for anyways?

  6. Hold on a minute. They mean they have no plans to COPY Nintendo at the moment, but in time they’ll bring out something in comparison, but then just a few years down the line Nintendo will change the way we play games again and so it will continue.

  7. “We do not see big potential in the handheld market.”

    Translation: We have no idea how to win any kind of share in that market, and have done nothing but lose money when we’ve tried.

    1. Funny. Because they’re losing money everywhere else besides their home console PS. Movies? They suck. Music? iTunes/Spotify dominates. Games? That depends but we all know Nintendo is king because they wouldn’t exist without them.

  8. *We do not see the potential in the handheld market* Meaning not only Nintendo beat the crap out of you in the portable gaming market but the second you try to ripoff Nintendo again, everybody is gonna call your unoriginal ass out quick. So it’s a no win situation to compete the Switch.

  9. I truly believe that Sony won’t try to come up with a hybrid system similar to the Switch. From a business perspective, there just doesn’t seem to be any reason to. They have a huge lead in the traditional console space right now, PS4 is very profitable for them, and there’s little threat to its continued success. Why would they take any risk at all by competing directly with another company, especially after the failure they experienced with their last handheld?

    If Microsoft actually ends up backing out of the home console market (not saying it’s guaranteed), we could end up with a sweet spot for console gaming. Sony would offer traditional console gaming with high end, powerful performance; and Nintendo would offer versatile, flexible, hybrid gaming. Both companies can provide different, but complimentary entertainment; and because the market is big enough, both companies can be profitable without having to directly compete with each other.

      1. I ain’t dreaming. I have no need of Sony. I couldn’t care less if this scenario plays out. It’s a very real possibility though.Can you think of anything that makes this scenario highly unlikely?

  10. I think it’s smart. They couldn’t compete with the Switch at this point even if they wanted to. The Switch has too many killer apps and it hasn’t been out for a year!

  11. Not surprised. After the PS Vita failed to gain first-party support, as well as its lackluster sales in the US and Europe, they should stay out of the handheld market for good. =\

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