Nintendo Switch

Next Stardew Valley Switch Patch Detailed And Should Include Video Capture

Many of you are no doubt enjoying the engrossing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. The next patch for the sim game has been revealed and it’s been submitted to Nintendo. The patch will bring a number of improvements and also some new features to the game including video capture, which is currently only supported by first-party titles. Here’s what’s set to be included in the next update for Stardew Valley.

Thanks to Callum for the tip!



  1. The static sound from the left speaker made me crazy! I was on the brink of sending in my Switch console because of this and another issue: When the screen fades to black (eg. when the scene changes), it’s not completely black. You can still see the HUD very faintly. I was convinced that the screen had a burnt in image due to long play sessions. This would be an awesome feature if it was Eternal Darkness 2, but it’s not!


    1. Nintendo doesn’t let you sell the physical copy for more than the digital copy, so unless you expect to see a physical copy for $15… (I don’t). I guess that maybe they could do a “special edition” that is available physical-only and costs more…


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