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The Official Site For Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Is Now Open

If you are excited about Skyrim heading to the Nintendo Switch on November 17th then you will no doubt want to visit the official site which has now opened for business. There’s plenty of content for you to engage with including an introduction to the game as well as how the various amiibo work in the massive RPG. Check out the site right here.


  1. My biggest problem with Skyrim is I already own 3 copies of it. One on PC, one on PS3, and the enhanced edition on PS4. Even the promise of a portable Skyrim is not enough for me to buy this game again. Especially since I’m completely over the game.

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit like me an BotW now. fter over 200 hours I don’t feel like I ever have to purchase this game again.
      But Skyrim I only played on my Mac 5 years ago. Quite a while but didn’t even finish the main campaign, so I’m pretty excited to have it now on my favorite system :)

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