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Nintendo Minute Explores Snipperclips Plus – Cut it Out Together!

The entertaining Nintendo Minute duo Kit and Krysta spent some time this week exploring all there is to do in the enjoyable Snipperclips Plus – Cut it Out Together! on the Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy watching them as they delve into some of the puzzles included in the game and it’s admittedly an amusing watch. Check the video out down below.

Hi! Today we check out Snipperclips Plus – Cut it Out Together! You might remember that way back in March, we played the original Snipperclips game, which was a digital-only launch title for Nintendo Switch. Now there are new puzzles to play, and you can get them as DLC for the original game, or you can get a new physical version which has it all! We attempt some of these new puzzles together today and let’s just say that it was quite the challenge. This game is super fun though with tons of puzzles to play with up to four people. The game is out now so we hope you give it a try! As always, we hope you enjoyed this video and thanks so much for watching. See you next week!


  1. Your timezone’s must be a bit wrong, cause this should’ve been posted on Friday, when they usually do these.

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