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Nintendo Applies For A Number Of Trademarks For Big Games

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It has been discovered that Nintendo Co., Ltd. has applied for a number of image trademarks for some of its biggest franchises. These include two amiibo, two The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. The Kyoto-based company has also applied for three standard character trademarks with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokemori and Marika.


Thanks to Ralph S for the tip!

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Applies For A Number Of Trademarks For Big Games”

      1. Nintendo should buy/fund that franchise since it was good in the first game and we need more decent shooters like that one. Doom/Wolfenstein are good but there may not be enough. Oh yeah, there’s also Hollow.

  1. Some new Amiibo, 2D Zelda for Switch , Splatoon 2 Big Update possible Octolings with a new story expansion, Animal Crossing Switch and Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch all for 2018

    I only wish that is exactly these trademarks meant but very unlikely. I can dream though

  2. Please no more Zelda amiibos!!! I love them but my wallet doesn’t and I’m running out of shelf space! I have all 22 Zelda amiibos. :P

  3. Well, and image trademark is some good news. At least it’s “confirmed” for the Nintendo Switch, but obviously the release dates may be a far distance off. I assume that Smash will come before Animal Crossing, but who knows. Nintendo tends to be unpredictable. Of course, we already know all these games WILL be coming to Switch, it’s more of a case of when. The two amiibo are PROBABLY Rex and Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but I could be totally off. It would just seem to make sense. Nintendo, a while back, said that other Zelda games would come to the Switch, so that is no surprise to me. The Splatoon could simply be a new “large update”, but again, I could be off. Animal Crossing is quite obviously the next installment in the series, as well as the Smash Brothers. Now again, all of these are simply image trademarks, but at least we know they have the concept down. That’s enough to put me at ease until Nintendo talks about them.

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