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Capcom Q&A: Capcom Discusses Nintendo Switch Support Going Forward

The Capcom question and answer session for Q2 FY3/2018 has been published online and within it the company discusses their support for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom says that they are extremely pleased with Nintendo Switch sales and that they will support the system with multi-platform development. They also are intrigued by the uniqueness of the platform and and will evaluate which games will work best on it.

Q. What are your expectations for the Nintendo Switch, and how will you support it going forward?

A. We feel the favorable performance of the Nintendo Switch, and the impact it is having on reaffirming the status of home video game consoles, are very positive. Going forward we will support the Nintendo Switch based on our fundamental strategy of multiplatform development.

Further, we are cognizant of the need to evaluate further how to best utilize the unique features of this platform, which differ from those of other home video game consoles.



  1. multi-platform development? Bayonneta is the exception. She is Nintendo exclusive since nintendo bought her IP when the others ignore her. Don’t you dare put her in ps4 and xbox.

    1. Same here. Refuse to port better games or in this case, localize MH for Switch but sadly enough, their copout lazy ports of SF2 from 25 years ago has outsold PS4/XB1 Games you pushed out in the same year like MvC: Infinitely Lacking of Marvel characters.

  2. No Capcom, just no. You want my support back? give me highly rated games. Give me RE7 at 720p with minor downgrades, Doom is more impressive than RE7 graphically and has a SHIT ton of enemies on screen. MH5 on the Switch is the deal breaker though, no MH, you can kiss goodbye my support.

    1. Hell no. Ever since Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya left Capcom, Dino Crisis and RE games went to Shit… Along with DMC and Onimusha. At least RE is trying to find its way back now

  3. Well… I know Monster Hunters will find its way to Switch after it flops on PS4 and Xbox 1.
    I also know ace attorney games are made for mostly portables…

    But as for fighting games, well… They did bring Tatsunoko vs Capcom to Wii and SFIV3D to the 3ds… So let’s see.

  4. I’m not too worried about res evil games,non of them have topped resi 4.
    I’d rather they remade this for. switch with better graphics and more content

  5. Ubisoft is no longer last, but my god bring something else besides “Just Dance”
    Bring in a New Rayman Legends to the cast, the sells would be a blast.

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