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IGN Reveals Their Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games

Wondering which Nintendo Switch games are the best on the platform? Well, IGN has produced a list of the top 25 games available on Nintendo’s latest system. It should be noted that the list consists of Switch games released before November 1, 2017. Here’s the publications top games:

25. Fire Emblem Warriors
24. Picross S
23. Disgaea 5 Complete
22. Oxenfree
21. Slime-San
20. Sonic Mania
19. ARMS
18. Pokken Tournament DX
17. Overcooked
16. Thumper
15. Cave Story+
14. Golf Story
13. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
12. NBA 2K18
11. Puyo Puyo Tetris
10. Snipperclips
09. Stardew Valley
08. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
07. Minecraft
06. Steamworld Dig 2
05. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
04. Splatoon 2
03. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
02. Super Mario Odyssey
01. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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    1. In the Heroes of the Storm community, IGN’s “6.5/10, no comeback mechanics” review has been a super meme since the game launched. Most especially whenever a major comeback happens.

    2. That was said by a few people on Game Scoop. Believe it or not, employees at ign do have their own personal opinions and preferences. The opinion of one person doesn’t represent the opinions of every single ign employee.

        1. Yes. I said “a few”. 3 or 4 would fall under that description. IGN is a very large company. They have hundreds of employees. 3 or 4 people do not speak for the entire company. Not to mention, none of those 4 people review sonic games, and none of them wrote the snippet for Sonic for this list.

            1. It’s a podcast. They do one every week just to talk aout video games and what’s new. It just so happens that the two new Sonic games were being discussed one week, and pretty much every guest on the show that week agreed that they didn’t like Sonic. I don’t think the host of the show ever said anything bad about Sonic though.

            2. Actually I just rewatched the episode. All for of them seemed to be of the same opinion that Sonic isn’t a good franchise. Still, four people happened to be on the same show together and they all dislike Sonic. I know for a fact there are some people at ign that really like Sonic.

              1. Ok but putting on a podcast 4 people saying that Sonic was never good it’s a bit weird.

                I’m not a big fan of Sonic but I played most games and for luck I played the good ones. To me Sonic isn’t a bad franchise but of course everybody can say what they want but in the case of IGN I preffered to put 2 guys that dislike Sonic and 2 that like Sonic.

    1. The list was created before November 1st, Doom came out on November 10th- but they update their lists at least a couple times a year so it could easily end up on there early next year.

      That said it seems like you just dislike IGN so I doubt that’ll change your mind about them or the list anyway 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Gee I wonder why I dislike them… *Looks at IGN giving Infinite Shitfare 9.0+ while giving Mania the “Sonic’s never good” speech and 7.8 for OmegaRuby from 9.5 of the original over “Too much water” nonsense*

  1. I know people shit on Forces, but Sonic Mania should be much higher on the list.

    I can’t believe Mania loses out to a basketball game, AND golf.

    1. Golf Story is much more than a golf game. It is an extremely funny and original rpg, weather better or worse than Sonic is subjective. Both excellent games.

  2. What? ARMS is too low on that list, it should be within top 15.

    And where is FAST RMX? The almost-F-Zero to scratch our itch for a good supersonic racer since Ninty can’t be bothered to do it?

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