The Game Awards 2017 Is Set To Have The Largest Reveal Line-up Yet

The annual Games Awards will be taking place soon as you can expect some big reveals from a number of game developers and publishers. It’s estimated that the event will have 13+ reveals and hopefully some of those will be for the Nintendo Switch. There are discussions going around online suggesting that Nintendo may use the event to showcase The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC pack 2. No doubt it will be an eventful event for gamers no matter which platform they game on.



  1. Yes, I hope one part of it is on the Champions’ Ballad DLC, if we don’t get any info sooner. I went out and bought the Mipha and Daruk amiibo, with plans to get Revali and Urbosa later; I just know they’re gonna do more than what they currently do.

    1. Got all 4 of Hyrule’s champions in the mail yesterday from Amazon. I would have liked to have gotten them at GameStop for the points but I couldn’t take the chance of missing out on them so Amazon it was. So that’s one less headache to deal with. Now to just get the other few LoZ amiibo I’m missing. Just need SS Link, WW Link & Zelda, and BotW Bokoblin. (I might get Smash Toon Link & TP Link if I ever come across them at GameStop, or Wal-Mart in the case of Smash Toon Link, if I have the urge for an impulse buy but I won’t be hunting them down.)

      1. I just found all 4 Champions (all sold separately) at a Toys R Us right by me, and there were still plenty of Daruk and Mipha left (not so much the other two). Naturally I grabbed one of each and now my wallet is sad.

        I got Toon Link a long time ago- I decided early into amiibo existence to complete the Smash line so I did so (credit where it’s due to Robbie- I would not have gotten ones like Marth, Dark Pit, Lucario, or Little Mac if he didn’t have first crack at them as a Best Buy employee). I keep saying I’m done, but I can’t stop. I may be addicted to collecting these damn figures XD

        Gods help me if they ever do an F-Zero line with all 30 pilots…

        1. I’ve successfully stuck to only getting certain amiibo. The Legend of Zelda collection of amiibo is probably one of the few collections I will probably try to get nearly every single one in. Even if that means I have to resort to eBay. (It’s how I managed to get the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo since Best Buy sucks in my region as the closest one is 2 hours away. Not traveling that far for one little item. It was cheaper to just buy it from someone on eBay. (I paid about 25 bucks for it and I don’t regret it.)

        1. They will offer us:
          – Online system upgraded.
          – Amazon, Youtube and Netflix app.
          – More companies will bring their games to the system.
          – Amiibo.
          – More mobile games.
          – More features for the Switch.
          – And many, many many more things.

          1. – What does that mean?
            – I already know that but they better not dare pull an Xbox Live subscription to view bullshit
            _ More companies like EA/Ubisoft/Capcom/2K/WB who bought nothing to garbage so far? No thanks, especially EA. They can go fuck off and themselves. I can’t wait to vote them as terrible gaming company again.
            – Amiibos…MUST DIE!
            – Eww. Mobile games can stay FAR AWAY from Nintendo Switch except Gear.Club; we need a decent racing SIM since Project Cars fucked us over.

            1. There is a rumor where the Xbox live subscription will be a thing on the Switch. I hope not.

              About EA. They can burn their company. Other companies can still do something.

              Oh come on amiibo are cool. By the way it’s been one year when I bought my last amiibos….

              Mobile games it’s a good thing instead and let me explain why. One guy, that I have met at University, he told to me that he loved to play Fire Emblem Heroes. This guy never know about Fire Emblem, and for never know I mean he never played a FE game in his life. So Nintendo Mobile game can be something that bring popularity to their franchise and let them want to play the Switch.

              1. I fucking hope it’s not but with Hulu out first, there may be hope for that NOT coming to light after all and even Nintendo knows that it’s a bad idea and it’ll spark outrage once it does happen.

    1. The problem is that both Mario and Zelda could split the vote leaving Horizon to win by a margin. Even the guys at Nintendo are worried about that. Had only one released it wouldbe been a sweep, but both are pretty much going against each other.

      1. And who still remembers that game? lol Zelda practically eclipsed Horizon around the same time and it’s nominated for GotY far beyond and above Horizon before Mario showed up. I highly doubt Horizon even has the slightest chance to beat either titans that is Zelda and Mario, both of the highest rated games of 2017.

        1. All the people that got reminded about the game with the DLC, it actually sold really well and its critically aclaimed. Whether we like it or not, its a condender for GOTY and as of right now it seems to be Zelda VS Mario VS Horizon. Like I said, had it been Horizon vs Zelda or Horizon vs Mario it wouldve been a landslide, but mario and zelda could split votes while Horizon still keeps the same votes. That could cause a problem.

            1. Yes but if 8 people were going to vote for zelda as their gotty earlier this year, but after Mario released 4 of them fell in love with Mario then that splits the vote. It a bad thing.

              Seriously dude? Horizon was praised for its pretty graphics, and “amazing” story. Its not my GOTY but to anyone that isnt a Nintendo console owner only, they clearly remember because its one of the few PS4 games that stood out from the pack.

              1. But like I said, who remembers or talks about Horizon RIGHT NOW? lol Nobody much. We have a shittons of big November-late October releases to recollect in recent memory while Zelda made a bigger impact than Horizon. Trust me, Horizon doesn’t have a chance in hell to even earn an Academy Award of Video Games. lol

                1. And like I said, just like Nintendo fanboys, Sony Fanboys still remember their one big exclusive. Horizon did nothing for Nintendo but it was Huge for Sony. It might not mean a thing for you, for everyone thats multiplatform, or Sony console exclusive, it means a lot to them. You might not think its a threat, and honestly, neither would I, IF nintendo only had Zelda or Mario this year.

    1. Chill there. Nintendo will not allow a super surprise reveal for Metroid prime 4. it is illegal to do that
      First Nintendo will make clear that everyone knows the reveal is coming. Then they gonna bring it. Because if they do that that with a surprise PEOPLE WILL DIE WITH HEART ATTACKS including me. My heart Just start up just with the THOUGH of the Logo teaser on E3 jesus. Nintendo will kill many people like that thats why it is illegal…IT SHOULD BE the Commander knows what im talking about.!!!

  2. 100% guaranteed it will be Zelda DLC with a whole story trailer and everything. As for other Nintendo games? Maybe Fire Emblem? Maybe a new Mario Party, or HOPEFULLY a new IP all together but I don’t think it’ll be anything huge. Whatever the other Nintendo game MIGHT be, it’ll be alond the lines of when they showed Project STEAM.

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