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Niantic Says It’s Fully Committed To Pokemon GO Despite Harry Potter Unite

We found out earlier last week that Niantic has a huge new project ahead of them with the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. However, despite this huge undertaking the company says it’s still fully committed to Pokemon GO and is actively expanding the game with a number of updates due in 2018. Here’s their full message to fans:


Just like many of you, we’re super excited about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and are working hard with our partners at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and WB Games San Francisco’s development team to bring that to life. However, we–the Pokémon GO team–want to say that we, along with our partners at The Pokémon Company, are 100% committed to creating an ever-evolving and growing game that deepens players’ connection to Pokémon GO. Niantic is actively expanding the Pokémon GO development team to build many more amazing updates in 2018. Stay tuned for news next week about upcoming improvements to certain features.

Our Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Pokémon GO development teams are all hiring. You can take a look at our postings and apply online here.

–The Pokémon GO team


3 thoughts on “Niantic Says It’s Fully Committed To Pokemon GO Despite Harry Potter Unite”

  1. Oh yeah. They’re SO “committed” that they realize we demand traditional trading/battle system in place…and still nothing. Yeah. They really fucking care for their install base that’s practically GONE at this point.

  2. I hope after Pokemon Go’s dreadful launch they understand the type of fanbase these major franchises hold. There’s gonna be tons of people playing at launch so they had best be prepared!

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