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GAME Praises Nintendo For Plentiful Nintendo Switch Stock And Says It’s Yet To Reach Its Peak

UK trade publication MCV recently caught up with GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs to talk to him about the stock situation of the Nintendo Switch leading up to Christmas. He told the publication that Nintendo needs to take some real credit operationally for how they’ve managed to deliver. You can read the interview, below.

“We’ve got enough Switch coming in on a week-by-week basis, Nintendo needs to take some real credit operationally for how they’ve managed to work this through.”

“We’ve now got a constant supply of stock coming into the business on a weekly basis, Don’t get me wrong I don’t have [Distribution Centre] stuffed full of 100,000 units, but we do have a good, regular supply from Nintendo.”

“The only reason that we wouldn’t see [stock] is if demand picks up any further but I wouldn’t see that as a bad thing.”

“I’m not sure on that, it’s probably going to be the number one tech-toy for peak, so I think across those two spectrums and across such a wide-ranging base of gamers who all want to play Nintendo Switch I think we’re clear it’s got great demand, the absolute peak of that demand I don’t think we’re anywhere near yet.”





  1. ||Our Supreme Lord Kimishima demands results, the power of the sacred N will be felt far and beyond Xbot diseases…||

      1. Everything sells pretty well at launch, especially this time of year, but in a few months i expect it to tank

        1. All we can say with certainty is wait and see. The pro also released this time a year and it didnt really sell well. In fact, its said that the XBO X first week numbers destroyed the Pro’s first week, and the XBO is getting almost nothing but good reviews, unlike the pro.

  2. I used to work with Martyn Gibbs at GAME back in my retail days. A really sound guy and it’s even better to hear him praise Nintendo.

  3. Tech-toy. *waits for that to trigger someone who will take it as an insult*

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