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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST Music Tracks Leak Online

If it’s one thing you can be sure of regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 2 it’s that the game will have superb music. Someone that has the game for review purposes has uploaded a few of the tracks you’ll hear once the game releases on December 1st. You can have a listen to them at the links below.



  1. Xenoblade 1 is the only other game that I have ever had the soundtrack to with LOZ: ocarina of Time being the first. I hope that this new one will force me to make it the 3rd

  2. Ew! Names of locations spoilers! Good thing I scrolled down as quick as I did! I’ll wait for the game to hear these tracks. (Engage the Enemy Remix is the only one I had to listen to before the game released. I expect the first scene that music plays in to be a big moment like the original Engage the Enemy was for the original Xenoblade Chronicles.)

      1. Seriously!? Already!? It’s still the middle of November! D:

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