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Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Skyrim On The Nintendo Switch

Wondering what the opening hour of Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch is like? Well, YouTuber Tilmen has you covered. He has uploaded the first sixty minutes of the game onto YouTube in fantastic quality. If you are on the fence about the game check out the video, or alternatively read our review of the gigantic RPG which we published today!

5 thoughts on “Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Skyrim On The Nintendo Switch”


    People say this game looks AS good as the 2016 PC version, only with a few compromises, but clearly this doesn’t look as good as the 2011 PC even. Not that I expected that. I though it would be around X360 capabilities, but it surpasses that a bit. Great work

    1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

      The Switch version surpasses the XBox 360 version by a bit? A bit!? How dare you say the Switch is only slightly stronger than a last gen system! /s lol

      1. I’m Norwegian. When we say “okey” we mean “FREAKIN’ AWESOME DUDE!”. If we say “I like you.” you’ll get the respons “OMG I don’t want to marry you!”. This is more or less serious.

  2. I’ve already got Skyrom for the PC, but seriously considering getting the PSVR version.
    Not sure if I wanna get 3 copies of the same title across 3 different platforms…

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