Nintendo Switch

Smash Bros. Style Game ‘Brawlout’ Will Be Launching On Switch Later This Year

We reported back in August that Brawlout, a game that isn’t too dissimilar to Smash Bros., is heading to Nintendo Switch. The intriguing platform-fighter is packed with features with Stock, Time or Team Battles available along with an online offering that is sure to go down well with fans. Thanks to an eShop listing update for Brawlout, we now know that the title will become available later this year so we won’t have to wait too long to play it whilst we keep ourselves amused until a much-anticipated Smash Bros. announcement.

Here’s a trailer for Brawlout.




  1. I had no idea this game was still a thing this year.

    This is one loaded year for Switch games. For me alone it was:

    -Ultra Street Fighter II
    -Snake Pass
    -Sonic Mania

    Followed by these X-mas games:
    -Super Mario Odyssey
    -Sonic Forces
    -Shovel Knight
    -Hopefully Yooka-Laylee (please)
    -And now Brawlout (provided the reviews aren’t negative)
    -Also: Art of Balance, Bomberman Hero, Jett Rocket, Bravoman, Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth, The Magic Obelisk (don’t ask how), Bubble Bobble Plus, Bust-A-Move Plus, Adventure Island: The Beginning, and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure.


  2. Hyper light drifter is in it? I was about to just skip over this article, but that caught my attention.

    If this was a ssb-like game that had a full roster of indie characters, I’d be all in, but if HLD is the only one I’m not so sure.

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  3. Well, it looks fine sincerely. Does it have a big single player ‘adventure’ like with the old Smash Bros for GC or it’s just a multiplayer game? I would be interested IF content is up there, not if it’s just a ‘light’ game.


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