Here’s The Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Launch Trailer

Finally it’s launch day for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS and to celebrate the momentous occasion Nintendo UK has released the official launch trailer. The trailer highlights the main features in the return to a different Alola. You can take a watch at what to expect, below

Return to Alola and discover worlds beyond in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, out now on Nintendo 3DS family systems!


  1. It is a good commercial but I’m not convinced yet, it must be becauseI have played a lot of poke Sun and I am not in the mood to play another pokemon. I really want though a “new” one that they said for Switch, it would be nice a game with more different continents, with all the pokemon, than a single new one in my opinion, though. Imagine a game that you are able to catch all the pokemon until this gen, without the need of you to exchange pokemon with someone else..

    1. Catching all in one game is never gonna happen, that’s one of the core aspects of Pokemon. While I understand the feeling, being a solo player myself, I do like the concept that you can’t just get *all of them* in *one* game, or even one generation of games. It would be too easy. Though I would like to see multiple continents as well.

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